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Event of the Week: Benjamin and Stephen Lynerd in Concert

By Lance May 29, 2012

Chicagoland Brothers Play Jazz Concert at the First Baptist Church of Downers Grove

“Benjamin and Stephen Lynerd in Concert” was a successful evening of music presented at First Baptist Church of Downers Grove on May 5 by two Chicago-area jazz playing brothers. They released their new CD, “All Together,” and live concert DVD.

Both are experienced musicians. Benjamin plays piano. He holds a double bachelor’s degree in Music and Political Science (as well as a PhD in Political Theory), and currently directs the music at the Southside Chicago location of Holy Trinity Church. Stephen plays the vibraphone. He holds a Masters of Music from the University of Maryland, College Park, and is a freelance musician and recording artist, as well as music director at First Baptist Church of Downers Grove. They have been collaborating since childhood, when they held living room concerts for anyone who would listen. Over the years, lots of people have listened, although they play in places other than living rooms now.

The CD, “All Together”, was recorded in January in a day and a half, along with another album. The Lynerds had a successful Kickstarter campaign to finish the album

“I use TicketPrinting for my church, as well as my own job as a professional musician,” said Stephen. He used posters and fliers from TicketPrinting.com to promote the concert, as well as Facebook, Twitter, email and word of mouth. “The quality of the work was fantastic,” he said. “The customer service is unrivaled…” He liked “the attention to detail, and willingness to correct mistakes, and the improved protection in shipping!” He used online tickets through TicketRiver, and included links in his promotion.

At the concert, the Lynerds were joined by Jonathan Gilley on bass, Mitch Corso on guitars, David Kelly on drums, Alison Steiner on vocals and Thomas Maslan on keys. They presented sacred and non sacred jazz, and original compositions and arrangements. The attendance was a highlight, Stephen says it was a “great crowd.”

When planning a concert, Stephen advises, “Start early. Delegate to people you trust. Take care of the things you know how to do best. Don’t settle for ‘That will do’ or ‘ Oh well…’.” He must know what he’s talking about, because he calls his event “[a] total and complete success from start to finish.”