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Event of the Week: A Polite Bribe

By Lance June 26, 2012

Movie Premieres: Screening a New Film

A Polite Bribe is a new documentary film about the Apostle Paul and the early church. Its premiere screening was held on May 1, 2012, at The Garden Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey.

The film has already provoked some controversy. Director Robert Orlando posted an editorial on The Huffington Post blog that received 1,992 comments, some of them highly offended at the idea of any “new narratives” being explored about the New Testament. A series of screenings is planned in various locations in the US.

“The purpose was to screen it to a general, public audience for market testing and feedback before we seek distribution,” said Margo Orlando of Nexus Media, the company that produced the film. Nexus Media is a media branding and independent feature film production company, based in Princeton. They promoted the screening on many fronts. “We relied on personal contacts, our film’s website, some social marketing, local marketing including posters, postcards and small newspaper ads and editorials,” said Margo Orlando, “The majority of people came through personal networking but all forms of marketing truly supported each other.”

Online Ticket Sales


They sold tickets through TicketRiver.com, and also on site at the screening. “It was a great tool. It was easy to use and flexible. Still people wait until the last minute to purchase tickets and wanted the option to buy on site,” said Orlando.

“We repeatedly sent reminders through email and Ticket River,” said Orlando. “We asked people to bring people.” Enough people attended to cover the costs of the night,“but our goals are greater than that,” she added. “You really need to approach marketing on many different levels. It takes alternative ways to reach your market now.” She advises those planning similar events to have marketing and advertising budgets, and to enlist the help of assistants.

The best part of the night, Orlando said, was “The support we got from our friends who bought tickets and came to our event, which took place at a public venue on a weeknight. Also, to know the work of many years is now out in the ether and people were moved by it.”