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Event of the Week: The Brawl at the Mall

By Lance August 4, 2012

A Highly Successful Professional Boxing Event

Skyy Promotions held The Brawl at the Mall, a professional boxing event in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on June 23. The event involved local fighters and some celebrities. “[The event] featured America’s only medalist in boxing from the Beijing Olympics, Deontay Wilder, in the main event,” said Jay Deas, of Skyy Promotions and Skyy Boxing.

The event was highly successful: “Ticket sales went great,” said Deas, “We put 1200 people in a 1000 capacity venue.” In order to sell all those tickets, “We did radio giveaways, newspaper ads, internet ads, social media,” said Deas. “We sold tickets at several ticket outlets in town. The boxers on the show also sold tickets to fans, family, and friends. Also for the first time we used online ticket sales.”

Deas has used TicketPrinting.com for awhile, but this was the first time using TicketRiver.com. “[T]hough we didn’t sell a lot on line, we will do it again,” he said, “It was new to our customers and we will advertise that tickets can be purchased online in the future. I can certainly see a day where we do 15 percent sales online, which will be great.”

The 1200 people who attended the event certainly got a show. Deontay Wilder “won by knockout in the third round over former world title challenger Owen Beck,” said Deas. “Wilder is now 23-0 with all 23 wins by knockout in the heavyweight division.” The win was exciting. “The best part of the event was that Deontay won, and several of the local fighters also won.”

The event did have one unforeseen setback, however, brought on by the Alabama summer and a well-meaning, but ultimately misguided decision. “Someone who meant well turned all the air conditioning units (all six) down as low as they would go the afternoon of the show in an effort to further cool the building,” said Deas, “They all froze and [the] compressors broke, leaving us in an overcrowded building in Alabama in the middle of the summer. Temps were over 100 degrees even at 10 pm!”

Deas advises event planners to figure things out ahead of time, “I would tell anyone planning any event to think it all through as much as possible before starting.”