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Event of the Week: Gibson’s Gate Haunted House

By Lance November 14, 2012

The Coachman’s Curse Brings Fear to Ark-La-Tex

This Halloween, Gibson’s Gate of Jefferson, Texas celebrated the spooky holiday with The Coachman’s Curse. “It is a theme-based haunted house with storyline that is entertaining for both kids and adults,” said Tony O. Gibson of Gibson’s Gate.

Gibson’s Gate aims to bring the scares to the Ark-La-Tex region, according to Gibson. “We are an independent attraction funded out of our own pocket[s] to support the local town of Historic Jefferson’s haunts and ghostly history,” said Gibson. “As an independent, we are working to bring an attraction to the Ark-La-Tex region no one has really seen before. Our funds are merely to bring a bigger and better next year, not affiliated with support groups or running operations for charity.”

In order to entice people to indulge their fears at The Coachman’s Curse, Gibson used methods such as signage to attract attention. “People coming into town and reading our signs have been the majority of our advertising advantage,” he said. “I do however plan to have radio time for next year’s attraction. [W]ith this being Year One, there was a trial-and-error type process to kind [of] understand which way works best.”

The event was highly successful, however. “So far this year, we have had some wonderful complements about our haunted house, and some great experiences with the [patrons] going through,” said Gibson. “Our oversized doll room, with life-size porcelain dolls [and] under-bed walkthrough has made of lot who were thought [to be] brave cringe. Being that it was only stage one, you can pretty well imagine the rest of the walkthrough,” he said.

Gibson also said the haunted house has made an impact with those from outside the region. “After making the local paper, and being exposed to distant travelers, I believe we can be considered established, and have good hopes for next year’s success,” he said.

Gibson also has advice for those who are looking to create their own haunted house. “As far as advice, to me this is something that takes  a lot of planning, attention to detail, and knowing on a professional scale, how to bring out one’s fears,” he said. “Word of mouth will be your best seller, so your attraction is going to have to be worth while, and what people are looking for when showing up to be frightened.” TicketPrinting did a great job on the posters. TicketRiver this year was not a success, but however there is always next year, and possibly with more advertising we can manage to have a website fully up and running better than this year with little to no budget.”

You can learn more about Gibson’s Gate at their Facebook page.