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Three Tips to Top Sales

By Lance December 5, 2012

Strategizing, Optimizing, and Tracking with QR Codes

Do you want to use QR codes for your event or business but aren’t sure how to start? Read on for three tips that can help you develop your QR code campaign.

 Make out a strategy: Before creating a QR code, you must first know exactly what you want to achieve. Do you want your customers to know about a certain deal you have on your products? Or perhaps you want your patrons to stay in the know about future concerts at your bar or event center. Perhaps you simply want to increase the contacts on your email list for you business.


Once you know what your QR code will be used for, decide how you want to attract your audience. If you’re promoting concerts, web-exclusive content like videos and songs could be linked directly to the QR code. Giving away coupons, promoting free materials like e-books and videos, or promoting your Facebook page or YouTube account through a contest are great examples of how to expertly use a QR code.

Links to codes to should be mobile-optimized and/or mobile friendly: If you are thinking of using a website to encode in your QR code, it’s a good thing to make sure that the website is usable for smartphone users. It would be a detriment to your business, not to mention embarrassing, if the website you have used doesn’t show up well on your customers’ phones.

Mobile-friendly websites are sites that can be easily read on a smartphone, but mobile-optimized sites are centered specifically around the smartphone users’ experience. Sites that utilize mobile-optmization have, according to Social Media Examiner, smaller images, concisely-edited copy, solid colors, and “fluid width” for both vertical and horizontal orientations. Using or building a website in this manner will ensure that your smartphone users will be able to access the site’s information easily.

Track your codes: After you’ve released your codes to the public, you’ll want to know how well they do. Of course, you can track your codes with bit.ly, but according to Social Media Examiner, you can get an even better amount of data from QR code management systems. Don’t worry about paying for a larger amount of data; most QR code management services are free.