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Event of the Week: Cosy Sheridan Entertains and Inspires

By Lance Trebesch March 4, 2013

Bozeman Folklore Society Concert Series Features Folk Singer Cosy Sheridan

The people of Bozeman, Montana, were privy to a concert featuring Cosy Sheridan, a Utah-based folk singer whose performance was part of the Bozeman Folklore Society concert series. According to Bob Wall, a member of the society, the concert was “excellent” for all those in attendance.

According to the organization’s site, The Bozeman Folklore Society (BFS) is a non-profit, volunteer organization that served to share and preserve traditional music, arts, dance and crafts. The organization is an associate group of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS).

The society’s Cosy Sheridan event was held in the Chris Boyd Room in Pilgrim Church. Wall said many of the Bozeman Folklore Society concerts are held there. “The room has excellent acoustics – it’s a great venue for folk, bluegrass, and other acoustic music,” said Wall.

To get the word out, Wall said the society pounded the pavement and promoted the event on radio and the Internet.

“We distributed small posters on bulletin boards around Bozeman. We send out email to the Bozeman Folklore Society mailing list, and we have a Facebook page on which we posted an event invite,” said Wall. “We also had an ad in the Bozone, and we got some good promotion on KGLT FM.”

Even though attendance wasn’t as high as expected, the event still was exceptional.  “The concert was excellent all around – great songs and stories,” said Wall. “Things went smoothly – no problems or surprises, other than the low turnout.  Inviting pros like Cosy make any show go smoothly!”

Wall talked more about Sheridan as a performer. “Cosy Sheridan was a very engaging performer, and she was great to work with. Very friendly, unassuming, and a great performer,” he said. “Her lyrics are witty and insightful, with a lot of interesting references to history and mythology, but without being too “bookish”. She’s a great guitar player, and her guitar had fabulous tone.”

The society has had luck selling advance ticket sales to further promote their events and Wall said is happy with the service he’s received.  “I really appreciate how easy it is to set up a show…and buy tickets through it,” he said. “The reporting tools are easy to use. It’s a great service.”

You can learn more about the Bozeman Folklore Society at the group’s website. You can also connect to the group through Facebook and Twitter.