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Event of the Week: Sing/Scream Fest 2013 Highlights Local Music

By Lance Trebesch March 26, 2013

Virginia-based Mark Bradley Music Creates Rock/Metal Event For Eskape Nightclub

The Eskape Nightclub was host to several rock and metal bands during the Sing/Scream Fest 2013 March 16. The event, organized by Mark Bradley Music, included bands such as Lying and Low, Set for Tomorrow, Steal the Prize, Savage Kenney, Johan, and Bear Odyssey.

Mark Bradley Music is helping to create a fantastic local music scene in Harrisonburg, Virginia. “MBM is a growing artist development company from Virginia,” said Mark Bradley of Mark Bradley Music. “Currently, I’m focusing on booking live shows and providing opportunities for bands to play live and gain fans through that avenue. I’m learning lots of other marketing and exposure tactics and am looking to come out with CD compilations of local bands this summer.”

Bradley talked more about the bands involved in the concert. “The bands were all locals in either metal or rock genres,” he said. Savage Kenny is a local band with a growing grassroots following due to their unique mountain thrash/punk/metal sound and seemingly random song transitions. Set for Tomorrow is also one of the fastest-growing bands in northern Virginia, who are developing a pretty die-hard fanbase, some of whom drove two hours to see them at this show!”

Bradley said that to spread the word about the event, he turned to social media. “I heavily relied on Facebook and some physical flyers downtown,” he said. “I relied on Facebook invites and QR codes on flyers to get people directed back to the ticketing site.” Bradley said it was very easy for him to set up online ticketing for his event.

Bradley said the show helped create exposure and buzz for Eskape and the area’s music scene. “The goal of these first few months of shows at Eskape is to introduce the new club to the existing Harrisonburg music scene; the place used to have shows three to five years ago, and is now trying to re-emerge with new ownership and management with rock shows,” he said. “We gained exposure, and turnout was what we expected for an afternoon show in a new place.”

There were tons of great moments from the event. “The best part was getting to see my friends in Lying and Low again and to finally see Set for Tomorrow and Johan Weimer. I also liked running sound, he said. “One surprise was that the owners had never seen moshing or hardcore dancing. It was hilarious to watch their faces as kids slammed into each other and flailed around.”

If you’re planning on creating an event like this, Bradley said to make sure to plan way in advance.

“Plan farther ahead, get a good graphic designer for your flyer, encourage bands to sell presale tickets so that they can plan on having a crowd (relying on door draw doesn’t always work),” he said. “I’d also tell them to regularly follow up with bands and anyone else involved to be sure that they are promoting and spreading the word about the show. Some people are nervous about promoting, and you want to be sure that as many people as possible hear about the show so that you have a higher potential turnout.”

You can learn more about Mark Bradley Music at their Facebook and MySpace pages.