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Event of the Week: Weekend Warriors Tour

By Lance Trebesch March 18, 2013

DC Music Event Featuring Local and Touring Bands Planned by Roadhouse Radio

There’s always good, new music to be found  and February 23 gave music fans in Washington, DC a fantastic night out! Weekend Warrior in Washington, DC featured three Virginia rock bands—A Place in Time, Recoat Rebellion, and Audiostrobelight— and special guests The Atlantic Light. The local and touring bands performed to huge crowds at Desparado’s, a local burger restaurant and bar.

If you’re outside of the DC and Baltimore areas and haven’t heard of Roadhouse Radio, the company is happy to discuss their mission.

“Roadhouse Radio is working on creating an online radio station that plays music strictly from underground and unsigned bands,” the company said. “We plan shows for these bands and help promote other bands’ shows.”

Also, according to their Facebook page, Roadhouse Radio is also working on creating an Internat radio station that plays music from solo artists and unsigned, local and underground bands.

Roadhouse Radio explained more about the Weekend Warrior event. “Three of them were on a mini tour that whole weekend (thus dubbed ‘Weekend Warrior’). The others were local acts,” the company said.

Roadhouse Radio stated that they worked with fellow booking and promotion company Mark Bradley Music and the Lafayette Agency. “Also flyers, internet ads, word of mouth, and social media [were used],” they said.  “We were sponsored by UndergroundMusic.FM.” Tickets were used so patrons could enter into door prize drawings.

Roadhouse Radio said the DC Weekend Warrior event went over great with the crowds. “The DC show was excellent,” they said. “The venue was packed and everyone enjoyed themselves.”

As to what the best part of the show, that answer is simple. “The bands. Always the bands,” said Roadhouse Radio. “There were a few stumps in the road, but the bands made the most of everything and made the night worth it for everyone involved.” One of the bands even helped alleviate a potential problem by bringing their own PA system.

If you’re planning your own event, Roadhouse Radio states to “[c]all your sound guy,” as the sound guy they used didn’t come through. But thankfully, the band’s PA system solved what could have been a big issue.

If you want to learn more about Roadhouse Radio and see their full schedule listing and event photos, check out their official Facebook page.