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Event of the Week: 2nd Annual Infatuation Fashion Show

By Lance Trebesch April 29, 2013

Fight Like a Girl: Fashion Show Promotes Uterine Cancer Awareness

Fashion met cancer awareness at the 2nd Annual Infatuation Fashion Show, held at The Lantana in Randolph, Massachusetts. The company behind the fashion show was Refined Realities, an event planning company that always has meaningful causes tied to their fashion events.

According to Tremeda Martin, CEO of Refined Realities, the fashion show was created “[t]o showcase the designs of imaginative designers with remarkable designs as well as raise awareness for uterine (endometrial) cancer and obtain donations to present to a cancer organization of Refined Realities’ choice.”

“This fashion show is very special to Refined Realities due to the fact that unfortunately a person dear to the company’s heart recently passed away from uterine cancer, said Martin. “The fashion show [was] dedicated to Dorothy ‘Joyce’ Simmons [Martin’s aunt]. Refined Realities’ always dedicates their events to a cause. We feel that it is really important to give back and raise awareness to particular causes in the world.” 

Martin said various forms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mass text messages, were used to get the word out about the event. The Refined Realities website, email and word of mouth were also used.

The fashion show was fantastic, according to Martin. “The event was a success. We raised money for uterine cancer and made profit as well,” she said. “All of the models, designers, vendors and performers raved that they cannot wait to work with Refined Realities again and the audience could not get enough of the program!” The designers mentioned included LezBReal, Zadon Fashion, Touch the Sky Clothing Company and iScream Campaign.

The best part was when Martin herself came onto the stage. “The audience really enjoyed when [Martin] surprised everyone by ripping the runway in the last scene, ‘Faith, Love and Hope,’ which was made up of orange [and] peach and/or blue designs provided by the designers to bring attention to the cause, uterine cancer [represented by peach and orange] and…Simmons, whose favorite color was blue.”

Another scene that became a highlight of the event, according to Martin, was the “I Am Black” scene, which focused on black stereotypes.

If you’d like to plan an event similar to this one, Martin said the best thing to do is be excited about receiving help. “Always be willing to receive help from those that are willing to help,” she said. “My event coordinators [Erika, Chayla and Melanie] were amazing. Have a timeline of when you want particular tasks completed and do not forget to have fun. Stress will occur, but cancel it out by having fun and maintaining optimistic!”

If you want to see the 2nd Annual Infatuation Fashion Show for yourself, you can buy DVDs of the show at the Refined Realities’ website. Make sure to follow Refined Realities on Twitter, Instagram, and “like” the Refined Realities Facebook page.