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Event of the Week: Hunter Valentine and The Instruction Rock ZaZoo’s Bar & Grill

By Lance Trebesch April 2, 2013

Bands Part of The New Vintage Showcase Artist Lineup

Rock enthusiasts were treated to a great concert featuring bands Hunter Valentine and The Instruction March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) at ZaZoo’s Bar & Grill in Lousiville, Kentucky. The show was part of The New Vintage Showcase’s lineup of artists.

According to its Facebook page, The New Vintage is a weekly, live music showcase that features the best of local, regional and even national talent. Hunter Embry of The New Vintage said that the March 17th show with Hunter Valentine was full of fan interaction.

“The concert went well…A solid and energetic crowd turned out…The bands both performed very well too,” he said. “I had Hunter Valentine at ZaZoo’s in October and they were fantastic.  A lot of folks traveled some pretty solid distances to come see them perform and they are very good to their fans. This last show, [Hunter Valentine] stayed around two hours after the gig to take photos and talk with fans.”

Embry went on to talk more about The Instruction. “The Instruction is one of my favorite Louisville bands. They are a solid mix of several genres and it makes for an awesome sound,” he said. “While they have a solid fan base in the area, Hunter Valentine’s fans seemed to really like The Instruction as well. I was pleased with how well the bands meshed, sonically.”

Embry said that in order to get the word out about the concert, The New Vintage used a mix of print and online exposure.

“As we do with many of our shows, we use our strong and very talented PR team to send out press releases, online and print advertisements and flyer the town,” he said. “People know where to go to find out about the shows and the bands’ music speaks for itself.”

Overall, the concert was a great time for both the bands and music fans. “I really enjoyed watching The Instruction and also seeing the fans reactions to getting to spend time with the ladies in Hunter Valentine during the meet-and-greet,” said Embry. Some things did go not according to plan, but according to Embry, that’s what should be expected at a concert. “Things always go not-as-planned, which in turn, makes these types of things planned,” he said. “It was a rock ‘n’ roll show at a rock ‘n’ roll club and while I probably shouldn’t mention some things you’ll see, I will say it’s very hard to be surprised anymore.”

To anyone creating an event similar to this one, Embry said having a working knowledge of your talent is key. “Know your bands, know your venue, know what other events are going on around town and try to expect the unexpected – always,” he said.

You can learn more about The New Vintage and their showcases at ZaZoo’s and Dillinger’s Music Venue in New Albany, Indiana at their Facebook page. You can also learn more about Hunter Valentine at their official website, Facebook page and Twitter page. You can check out more about The Instruction at their official site and Facebook page.