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Event of the Week: My Time Entertainment First Annual Laugh & Jam

By Lance Trebesch April 15, 2013

San Antonio Celebrates Music and Comedy, Showcases Up and Coming Comedians

The music and comedy lovers of  San Antonio, Texas were treated to the First Annual Laugh & Jam, presented by My Time Entertainment. The event, which happened March 16th at the San Pedro Village Event Center, featured live music from two different bands and hilarious jokes from talented comedians.

Eric Fox of My Time Entertainment talked more about the event. “Laugh & Jam is a music and comedy event that features some of the best and brightest upcoming comedians working, headlined by a live band,” he said. “The 2013 Laugh & Jam featured comedians Jeff Elliott, Samantha Golden, Clifton Simmons and Q, along with the bands B.Keys and the Soulfuldelics and Sum’inDif’Runt.” The event also allowed for meet and greets with the acts involved.

Fox said that various different methods were used to get the San Antonio public interested in the music and comedy event. “For this event I used a variety of tools to include social media, Internet radio along with street promotions and other marketing strategies,” he said. Fox said that using a variety of promotional tools helped make the event “a great success.”

Fox said that one of the best parts of the event was the comedy. “As a comic myself I always enjoy seeing comedians perform,” he said. “I also love to watch live bands, so the entire event was great,” he said.

The highlight of the night was a special surprise dedicated to Fox. “The highlight of the night for me was when Q, one of the comics, announced that it was also my birthday which now makes me three years older than dirt,” he said, laughing.

If you are looking to create an event similar to Fox’s Laugh & Jam, Fox said that planning early is key. “Always plan your events at least three months in advance to allow time for marketing,” he said. “[R]esearch your talent before you book them[.]”

You can learn more about Fox and My Time Entertainment from My Time Entertainment’s YouTube page. At the page, you can find interviews with comedians such as D.L. Hughley, Ali Siddiq and other entertainers.

To learn more about the San Pedro Village Event Center, click here to visit the center’s official site. You can also click here to visit the center’s Facebook page.