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Event of the Week: House Music with DjUnknown

By Lance Trebesch April 22, 2013

House/Dance Music Party Showcases Denver DJ

Sometimes, Mother Nature can exact her will at the most inopportune times. Such was the case with a recent Colorado concert. The scene was set for the Electric Snow house/dance music party on April 13 in the ski resort town of Vail, Colorado. However, real snow got in the way of the festivities.

If you aren’t in the know about House music, the musical style originated in early 1980s Chicago. House music, a genre of electronic dance music, stems from the world of disco. House is characterized by drum machine rhythms, repeating 4/4 beats, synth basslines and cymbals. After becoming popular in Chicago, house music later became a global force, gaining fans throughout America as well as in Europe.  This hard-hitting dance music is what Denver’s DjUnknown planned on wowing the crowd with.

Gavin McNeill, an organizer of the event, said that in order to get the word out about the party, many different types of advertising strategies were used. These strategies included using the newspaper, posters, banners and an online presence. One part of this online presence was DjUnknown’s SoundCloud page. DjUnknown had posted a teasing sampler of the house music that would be played at the party. According to the SoundCloud page, the event had an exclusive feel; only 300 tickets would be available. However, McNeill said that they “were expecting more than we first expected.”

Even though the event had to contend with getting snowed out, McNeill said the tickets were a big hit with the patrons. “we did get kudos for the professional look of our tickets and the light show run-through before the event,” he said.

McNeill said that despite the snow and the event’s budget, “everything was good as planned.” There are tons of people who would probably like to create a house music concert similar to this one, and for anyone wanting to put on this type of event in the future, McNeill states to make sure enough time is between you and the event itself. “Plan at least three to four months ahead,” he said. “We came too close this year.”

For those who were bummed about Electric Snow’s battle with the elements, McNeill said he and his team will be planning for an even bigger event next year, which could include combining their efforts with Denver’s CrowdSurf Concerts.

If you’d like to learn more about DjUnknown and hear his tracks, click here to check out his SoundCloud page. You can click above to hear the mix sample created specifically for the April 13 event.