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Event of the Week: Taste for Testes

By Lance Trebesch April 9, 2013

Louisiana Wine Tasting Supports Testicular Cancer Research 

Wine lovers were able to taste an array of wines while supporting funding for important cancer research. The Taste for Testes wine tasting fundraiser, organized by The Fresh Testes Foundation, took place March 21st at the Hilton Ballroom in Shreveport, Louisiana. All funds raised went to testicular cancer research.

“The Fresh Testes Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for testicular cancer,” said Gabriel Hall, the founder The Fresh Testes Foundation. According to organization’s website, the organization aims to “provide useful information for the public, patients, survivors and advocates so that the knowledge of this cancer is increased and to help decrease the number of new cases formed.” Hall wrote on his website that he created the foundation after he himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

In order to promote the wine-tasting event, Hall said he used a mixture of advertising tools. “I started to promote it early with word of mouth and then I went to the radio for a PSA as well as the local newspaper,” he said. “The best strategy was social media like Facebook and Twitter so many people check these sites by the minute so this was the most successful marketing strategy.”

The event went off without a hitch, said Hall. “The event was a huge success. Lots of people showed up for the cause and had a fun time. We have given away lots of prizes and we auctioned away three gift baskets. After ticket sales, auctions, and generous donations we raised about $2800 so it was an overall success,” he said. “There wasn’t a specific part of the night I could highlight because the whole night was a fun successful experience. Everything went as planned, we did not have any hiccups or surprises that would ruin the event. Everyone showed up and had a great time.”

If you plan on creating an event similar to Hall’s, he said that it’s best to allow yourself enough time. “My advice to anyone planning something similar is to start early, make sure you use all promotion avenues from radio to social networking,” he said. “Most of all be confident and professional. The more you put into your event the better the outcome.”

To learn more about The Fresh Testes Foundation, visit the organization’s website and Facebook page.