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Event of the Week: Moe Pope and Rain

By Lance Trebesch May 29, 2013

Mingtae.net  Event Features Unique Hip-Hop Sound 

Patrons at the Honeypot Bar and Lounge in Seabrook, New Hampshire were treated to a performance by Moe Pope and Rain May 18. The event featuring the 2012 Boston Music Award winners was organized by mingtae.net and highlighted the creativity of hip-hop music.

Rob Alpert, a former radio DJ and founder of mingtae.net, talked more about the website. “We are an online web site dedicated to promoting the New England hip-hop scene,” he said. The website also talked about the site’s origins and their aim to bring the best in New England hip-hop.

“Originally, this site was about Rob Alpert and his morning show, ‘Rob and Gang,’ on WRBB in the 1990s. Today, the site continues to honor the tradition of the show with opinions about the world, restaurant reviews and games,” states the site. “This site has recently expanded to help promote the third coming of Boston hip-hop.” Mingtae.net also features reviews of hotspots around Boston, Massachusetts, neat stories and cool games.

To promote the event, Alpert turned to social media. “Social networking worked the best [for promoting],” he said. Mingtae.net is a big user of social media. “We have a strong social media presence including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr,” states the site. “We partner with Schmap It for announcing events over Twitter and a link to map the event.”

Alpert said Moe Pope and Rain was the first event of the summer, and that the best part of the event was blending unique instruments with hip-hop. “Moe Pope and Rain are a very inventive hip-hop duo,” said Alpert. “Not often you see a xylophone used at a hip-hop show.”

Alpert said if you are planning a concert similar to this particular event, it’s important to stay focused. “It’s a long term investment. Be patient and stay positive.”

If you want to learn more about New England’s hip-hop scene, listen to downloads and music videos, see event photos and see which upcoming events are coming up, go to mingtae.net and make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter. You can learn more about Moe Pope and Moe Pope and Rain’s newest album, “Let the Right Ones In” through Pope’s Tumblr and YouTube pages. You can connect with Pope through Google+, Twitter and buy “Let the Right Ones In” through Bandcamp.