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Event of the Week: Shave for a Cure

By Lance Trebesch May 7, 2013

Cancer Fundraiser 2013 Raises Awareness, Commemorates Loved One

People helped make a difference convened at the Shave for a Cure Fundraiser 2013, organized by Nicki Glynatsis. The event, which took place in the Skycity Casino Ballroom the 19th of April, raised cancer awareness and raised funds for cancer research.

“The event was in memory of my mother Sylvia Glynatsis, who passed away late January 2013 from cancer,” said Glynatsis. “I wanted to make it special and more of a memorial for her, and I thought shaving my head would be so amazing to raise funds for the foundation that helped mum whilst she was sick.”

Glynatsis said that Facebook and word of mouth were the marketing tactics she relied on the most. The event turned out to be a very intimate affair. “Because it was a memorial for my mother, it was mainly friends and family that came to support the cause, along with work mates and some personal friends of mine,” she said.

The event was a huge success. Glynatsis quoted Roxy Morten-Owen of The Leukaemia Foundation, who loved the event.

“Nicki Glynatsis and Gari Dakis, this year have raised over $35,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation, which now makes them the highest fundraisers in the NT and in the top ten in the country for the 2013 World’s Greatest Shave,” said Morten-Owen. “Nicki and Gari put together a simply amazing night and tribute to the late Sylvia Glynatsis and words cannot describe how incredible it was to see how supportive all of their friends and family were. There was a photo booth, raffles, auctions, door prizes, dinner, drinks and dancing- a Fantastic night all around. With around $30,000 raised on the night with only 270 people in the room it is safe to say this event was a complete success.”

Glynatsis said one of the best parts of the night was the slideshow of Glynatsis’ mother. “The slideshow of Mum was amazing,” she said. “[It had] everyone in the room in tears…just remembering her. Also we shaved our heads up on stage so we had all our supporters there helping us. My dad also shaved his head too, which raised $6000 in a minute and a half. Incredible!”

If you want to create an event similar to Glynatsis’ event, she said, “[You] need to have personal drive.”

“I wanted to do this event and make it successful for my mum,” she said. “She deserved it and would be so proud of the outcome that we had.”