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Event of the Week: Finding Cures Saving Children Benefit Concert

By Lance Trebesch June 24, 2013

Charity Concert for St. Jude Produced by Peterson Productions

June 1st’s Finding Cures Saving Children Benefit Show celebrated cool local music and altruism. The event, created by Peterson productions, took place at the Wild Rooster Bar in Fort Worth, Texas and had an array of musical sounds ranging from indie and Americana to folk and country-rock. The featured artists included Royal Savages, The Phantom Sensation, Crazywater, Kevin Barron, Jordan Franz, Milford Men, and Unchien. The event raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Owner and operator Bryan Peterson explained more about Peterson Productions. “Peterson Productions is an entertainment company that is in the music industry. Right now, we book local bands nationwide,” he said. “We are working with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Shriners Hospital for Kids, and Breast Cancer Awareness. We host charity events and give some of the funds to the charity. We also do Battle of the Bands competitions for local bands nationwide where the winning band wins $500 cash.”

To get the word out about the event, Peterson took to the internet and the area’s local newspaper. “We got the word out about the Event by the Fort Worth Weekly Newspaper and advertising on Facebook,” he said. “We also, hired a team of street team promoters to bring people in.”

The work that went into creating, producing and promoting the show made the event the success it needed to be; Peterson said Finding Cures Saving Children went off without a hitch. “…Finding Cures Saving Children was a success! We were able to raise money for St. Jude,” said Peterson. “The best part of the event was knowing that we were able to raise [money] toward St. Jude! Everything went great!”

According to Peterson Productions’ site, the Tampa, Florida-based company looks for bands through the internet and by checking out bands’ websites, music and resume of shows, the company decides if the bands will be right for a show in a certain area. If you are a local band that’s looking to gain your footing and you want to give back to charities, contact Peterson Productions through its site or Facebook page.  Peterson Productions’ site and Facebook page also has information on upcoming shows, including upcoming Finding Cures Saving Children shows. You can also connect to Peterson Productions through its YouTube pages. You can learn more about the Wild Rooster Bar at its website.