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By Lance Trebesch June 14, 2013


We work very hard to ensure each of our valued customers is delighted by their entire experience with TicketRiver.com. Here is just a sample of the many comments we have received. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve you.



I’m simply emailing to help spread the word about an amazing company we use for a one stop shop for marketing and ticketing event needs for our shows. I rarely sound the alarm for anything unless it is just so over the top good. This place is – simple as that.

For two years now, we’ve been utilizing ticketriver.com and ticketprinting.com. I’ve been wanting to spread the word for a while now, but waited until they got their reserved seating up and running. They have had it up for the better part of the year now and it is going smoothly.

Here are some reasons we enjoy using TicketRiver.com.rodeo

1. Customer service is amazing.

2. If you have suggestions on needs, they listen, and work to achieve.

3. They have everything you need to pull off an event successfully.

4. Pricing is fabulous.

5. Speedy!

6. You can provide your own design or use their templates.

7. Fans can easily navigate buying tickets.

8. Advanced marketing tracking tools.

My event planning has become so much more streamlined and easier since we’ve begun using TicketRiver.com.

Very Best,


PBR/TBD Production


Our event Saturday night was a huge success–a packed house of 300 people. It was rather unbelievable to see, frankly, because there were at least 6 other events on island that people had to choose. Many of my die-hard fans couldn’t make it, and I thought, wow, this may not be the sell-out I had planned for and did all the promotion for. But, it was, and the island was stunned by what they heard with this amazing violinist and the trio he brought along. A huge and roaring success!  Thanks to you as well, for helping me with what is clearly the way to go—online sales are the answer, as far as I’m concerned.



We are very happy with your service. We love the simplicity of your set up. Good job. You have a customer for life from us.

-Corey Moore

Dorrough Music


Ticket River’s reserved seating has been a “Life Saver” for our organization’s performance events.  Our staff is extremely limited and busy during our performance seasons.  Having a ticketing company provide online seat assigned purchasing has been a benefit to our audience.  In considering the staff hours and confusion that comes with handling your own ticket sales, the savings Ticket River provides far surpasses our overhead, as well as expectations.  The reporting has been simple, turn key, and professional.  I would recommend this company to everyone, as I will be using them in the future.  Look for our Jacksonville events, on TicketRiver!  (They also provide advertising!  BONUS)!

reserved seating image


Nutcracker Prince








Thank you very much for your quick and responsive customer support.  I appreciate the 20% discount off printing tickets as well. I will use this site again for any future dances or event where I need pre-sales.

– RJ Chess



Thanks, Ticket River is great! I really like how easy it is to setup and sell tickets.

-Luke Thalmann, Alpha Kappa Lambda



We’re psyched!

gallatin roller girlz

TicketRiver.com has been awesome to work with and the printed tickets look amazing!

We’ll be ordering 2 more events worth this summer!

Gallatin Roller Girlz





We just had our event on June 23. It went well & we used Ticket River for ticket sales. The woman in charge of online ticket sales said it was very user friendly & we are glad we found out about you! We will definitely use your service again for future events!

Thanks so much!
~Wendy Phenom



I love Ticket River!  It’s my new favorite online program, and I’m telling everyone I know who handles events that this is the system they need.tech ranch bozeman


-Laura Rhodes
Tech Ranch





Thanks a million Kim! You are an angel. Glad to know that it is so easy to do business with TicketRiver.com This technical support and swift response is very valuable for non-profit organizations like ours who have very minimal support on technical and graphic issues.

Thanks again Kim!
Debbie Leoncio

Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society



Hi Taylor,

The Crab Feast tickets came Wednesday and they are beautiful. Thanks for the professional job and quick delivery.

Our event is going to be a fairly small community event and no other services are needed.  crab fest tix

However, I will definitely keep your company in mind for future events.

Thanks so much.


Janice Crowe, President

Severn Cross Roads Foundation, Inc.

Historic Baldwin Hall


Thanks so much, and I appreciate your company so much!