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Event of the Week: Phil Keaggy Concert and Adoption Fundraiser

By Lance Trebesch July 24, 2013

Phil Keaggy Concert Raises Money for McClung Adoption Fund 

Patrons at the Phil Keaggy Concert and Adoption Fundraiser were able to have fun while helping a great cause. The concert, held in Birmingham, Alabama July 10, helped support the McClung Adoption Fund.

According to Joshua McClung, the domestic adoption is expected to be around $20,000, so the event featured music from Keaggy and Birmingham natives The Great Book of John. There was also food from Spoonfed Grill and popsicles from Steel City Pops, as well as a silent auction. Items for the auction came from local and regional companies including the Good People Brewing Company, Rugged and Fancy, Church Street Coffee & Books, Elegant Earth at the Arbor, Soca Clothing, Swaddle, and more. Birmingham’s minor league baseball team, the Birmingham Barons, also offered items for auction as well as Birmingham’s science attraction, the McWane Center.

McClung said the event was promoted both with physical and online means. “We had posters and flyers we put up around town [and] we sent emails and posted about it on social media,” he said. “We sold tickets after our church services as well. We aren’t sure which worked best but we had a good turnout!”

Overall, the event was a success. “It went very well!” he said. “…The best part of the event was sharing our story with all of those in attendance and being able to convey how blessed we have been throughout our adoption. Also Phil Keaggy’s performance was incredible. There were some younger people in attendance who had never heard him before and were blown away when he played.”

The one issue that couldn’t be helped was the weather. “There was a fairly heavy storm that passed through about an hour before we were supposed to start which delayed a few things but overall it went well,” said McClung.

If you want to create an event similar to this concert/fundraiser, McClung suggests to gather your core support group. “For anyone doing a fundraiser contact as many people as you can for support,” he said. “We were incredibly blessed by our friends, family and community throughout the planning and the night of the event. I think most people would be surprised how many businesses are willing to make donations for fundraiser events.”

If you want more information about the adoption fundraiser, check out thosewhowait.org and lifelinechild.org. You can learn more about Keaggy at his website. You can also go to The Great Book of John’s website to learn more about this upcoming band.