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The 2nd Annual All White Networking Event Brings Houston’s Professionals Together

By Lance Trebesch July 8, 2013

Networking Party Created By Big Reg Entertainment Highlights Fun and Glamor

If you love pop-culture, you’re probably already aware of the concept of an “all white party.” Even though this kind of classy party, where all of the guests wear white outfits, has been around for a while, it was brought to  a new level of popularity by rapper and business mogul, P Diddy. Big Reg Entertainment and LaKisha Murray of Lash-A Makeup Studio embodied the idea of an all white party with the 2nd Annual All White Networking Event. The event put a hip and exciting twist to networking.

The nighttime event, held June 22 at the House of Finesse in Houston, Texas, included guests mingling with other movers and shakers in Houston. But the event also included an open bar, a buffet, giveaways from various salons around the Houston area, red carpet photography and photography by Divinci Roshon. There was also a focus on fashion with a competition for the best dressed male and female. Party music was provided by DJ Oli Mac, completing the night.

Murray explained more about the event. “I sold over 100 tickets before the event,” she said, stating that she sold 15 of them online. “It worked well for the individuals that could get to me,” she said.

Murray said the party was a success. “The event was amazing,” said Murray “There weren’t any surprises…[T]he guests were so happy, they want me to plan a New Year’s Party.”

From the event photos, it’s evident to see that everyone who was invited had a great time walking the red carpet and having fun with friends and new acquaintances.

If you want to host a successful networking party like Murray’s and Big Reg Entertainment’s, then follow their example; make sure to create an event that’s classy, fun and has a touch of red carpet glamor. By making an networking event that combines Hollywood glitz with a relaxed setting, you’re bound to have your guests wanting more, just like Murray’s.

You can learn more about Lash-A Makeup Studio at its Facebook page. If you’d like to check out pictures from the event, make sure to go to Key2DCity’s Facebook page. If you’d like to host your next event at House of Finesse, check out their website to learn more about them and what they offer.