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How to Keep Summer Vacation Going Until the First Day of School

By Lance Trebesch August 12, 2013

Get the Most Out of August with These Simple Summer Ideas

It’s about to be the middle of August, which means that for a portion of the country, it’s back to school time. Yep, it’s time to put the fun of summer behind and focus on books, teachers, and homework.

But, there’s still time for some last minute summer adventures! Even though there’s on a week or two away from the beginning of school, there are a few ideas you and your family can do to squeeze out the last of summer vacation. Take a look at what you can do below!

Take day trips: Seeing how school’s almost back in session, there’s no time to take very long vacations. However, there’s still enough time to take day trips. Day trips are like mini vacations; you can get out of the house and see some of the country, but still make it back home in time to see the late-night shows. Take a day trip outside of your county to a different park or museum. If you’re close enough, you can even travel to another city in a nearby state. Just because the trip is short doesn’t mean you won’t have as much fun.

Rediscover your city: Because you live in your city every day, the charm of the city probably feels nonexistent. But your city’s not actually boring; you’ve just got to rediscover what it is that makes your city great. Research your city on the internet and find some unique spots to visit. Take your family on a day just riding through the city and stopping when you see something interesting. Check out a restaurant with cuisine you’ve never tried. Taking the time to explore your city will make it seem brand new to you.

Check out parks and fairs: A lot of cities set up special back-to-school fairs and festivals to help give kids one last bout before school starts. Taking advantage of these festivities will give you more time with your kids before summer vacation ends. A lot of areas also have local or national theme parks and county fairs. Spending a day at a theme park or county fair will make it seem like you’re still on vacation.

These are only three things you can do with your family; there’s tons more you can do to milk the last of the summer fun, such as going to the movie theater, eating out together. These ideas can keep summer going strong until it’s time to hit the books once again.