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Event of the Week: Dewey and the Peoples and Remi, Chloe and the Extracts

By Lance Trebesch September 3, 2013

8120Local San Francisco Bands Play Devil’s Canyon Brewery 

Music fans in San Carlos, California were treated to two awesome local bands August 24. Dewey and the Peoples along with Remi, Chloe and the Extracts performed to a large crowd at Devil’s Canyon Brewery, “a relatively new venue for the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Aaron Solomon, the organizer of the event.

“Both bands, Dewey and the Peoples as well as Remi, Chloe and the Extracts, featured guitarist Jared Solomon,” said Solomon. “The event was a ‘send-off’ as he is leaving later this week to attend Berklee College of Music.

Solomon explained more about the event. “Remi, Chloe and the Extracts opened the show with a strong 90 minute set featuring their originals and their own take on a few classic covers. Dewey and the Peoples then took the stage with a blistering 2-hour rock-reggae set of mostly original material, including some new songs, along with a lot of their fan favorites,” he said.

“The event exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said Solomon. “The bands had hoped for attendance of between 100 – 150 people. By the time advance ticket sales closed, a little more than 100 tickets were sold. More than twice as many tickets were sold at the door. The venue, Devil’s Canyon Brewery was ecstatic. And, of course, the bands love playing for large crowds.”

“The biggest surprise of the night was the turnout,” said Solomon. “Ticket sales started slow, and at the beginning of the week, we were concerned that we wouldn’t have a good turnout. We continued to push the event through several marketing angles; newspaper event sites, posters, and postcards and local shops, direct e-mail, and promotion on Facebook.  Our hard work paid off. For bands in this stage of their career, a turnout of more than 200 is a great outcome.”

Even though the work did pay off, the beginning was stressful, said Solomon. “As pleased as we were with the turnout, we would have liked to see more of the ticket sales earlier on,” he said. “It was really stressful to have such low numbers early in the week.”

If you’re planning an event similar to this one, it’s probably a good idea to get started on early ticket sales, said Solomon. “My advice to anyone planning a similar event is to start your promotion early and take advantage of as many promotion channels as possible. Find several ways to incentivize early ticket purchase,” he said.