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Event of the Week: Bring Your Own Boobies and Beer

By Lance Trebesch October 9, 2013

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Food, drink, music and awareness were at center stage in the “Bring Your Own Boobies & Beer” event. Sharon Butz of the event Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, talked more about the event.

“Bring Your Own Boobies & Beer is a fundraiser for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,” said Butz. “Participants bring a six pack of craft brew, or a bottle of wine, to Smoke BBQ in Harrisburg, PA. Everyone who attends shares the beer brought, eats a light fare, listens to a live band and supports the American Cancer Society. The net proceeds are donated to my team.”

For the uninitiated, Making Strides is a highly positive influence in the world of cancer awareness. According to its site, Making Strides is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the United States, made up over nearly 300 communities. The event started in 1984, after Margery Gould Rath, a Massachusetts cancer survivor, wanted a way to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The “move-along-a-thon” event officially became known as the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in 1993, with 4,000 walkers in attendance at events in Manchester, NH and Boston, MA.

Butz promoted the event by selling the tickets online through Facebook and through Smoke BBQ. Butz was pleased with how the event turned out. “For basically a word of mouth event, there were 32 people in attendance and I was pleased with the turnout,” she said.

The night itself was a great night for cancer awareness, but there is a moment that stood out for Butz. That moment, she said, was finding commonality with one of the event-goers. “I got to meet a man whose 16 daughter utilized a few of the American Cancer Society’s programs, and it was wonderful to connect with him and hear his experiences with the ACS,” she said.

If you’re thinking of promoting your own event, Butz suggests getting in good with your local television and radio stations. “Try to get local TV stations and radio involved,” she said.  “I am having difficulty breaking into that area to promote my event.”

You can learn more about Making Strides and how to get involved at its website and Facebook page. Ways to get involved include starting a team, donating, or volunteering your time.