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Event of the Week: Pirate’s Day

By Lance Trebesch November 18, 2013

Rolling Stones Tribute Concert Entertains New Jersey’s Pirates

Fans of the Rolling Stones had a fun night of fun and music with Rolling Stones cover band, Stones Clones. The September 7 concert was an event that was part of New Jersey’s Barnegat Township’s 20th annual Pirate’s Day. During the Pirate’s Day, patrons were able to participate in a costume contest, engage with pirate re-enactors, interact with more than 100 vendors and, of course, eat tons of different types of food. Music and fireworks capped off this fun day full of pirate celebrations.

Steven Richards, the lead singer of the Stones Clones, talked more about what went on that afternoon. “September 7 was a township/Chamber of Commerce funded event,” said Richards. “There was a county stage equipped with back line and sound man.”

“Stones Clones was the headline act at 2 p.m.,” he continued. “Two bands had gone before us starting at 10am. Attendance for the day went to 5000.  There were vendors, food/merchandise/and a beer garden. Many patrons were dressed as pirates.” The Stones Clones performed a set based on the Rolling Stones’ musical catalogue circa 1978.

To get the event out, Richards said that the local radio, billboards, electronic media and newspapers were used. Richards said that the best strategy for promotion was the newspaper.

The event was great, said Richards. “[It was] fantastic,” he said.  “[W]e will be doing it again next summer.” The best parts of the event, said Richards were the venue and the audience. “[The] weather was perfect, [the] township was accommodating, audience was participating,” he said. One highlight of the night included The King. “[There was a] cameo appearance from Elvis Presley impersonator,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the Stones Clones have entertained those in the New Jersey area. Earlier this year, the band put on a concert to help lift the spirits of New Jersey rock fans who were cleaning up the area’s beaches from the rounds of dangerous weather that had affected the state.

If you’re a rock fan and want to hear some Rolling Stones music live, make sure to check out Stones Clones when they come back to New Jersey! You can learn more about the Barnegat Township and Pirate Day by visiting its website. You can also learn more about the Barnegat Township Chamber of Commerce at its site and at the Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page.