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3 Unusual Locales for Christmas

By Lance Trebesch December 16, 2013

Keep Christmas Unique by Celebrating in Out-of-the-Box Locales

Christmas is for spending time with family and friends. But sometimes, spending time with family and friends can get boring if the celebrations always occur in the same place. If you’re trying to jazz up your Christmas celebrations with a new local, here are three vacation spots you might want to check out.

Northern Lights: One of the greatest parts of the winter season is the phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. Alaska’s Northern Lights is an aurora, or a natural display of light in sky that occurs in the Antarctic and Arctic regions of the world. According to Yahoo!, there are plenty of places to stay in Alaska to watch the Northern Lights, such as the Chena Hot Springs Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska. Apart from watching the Northern Lights, guests at the Chena Hot Springs Resort can take in the natural beauty of the wildlife and spend some time at the Aurora Ice Museum. Also, as the resort’s title suggests, guests can take a calming dip in the local hot springs, which boast healing properties.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Do you hate having the winter blues? If you want some sun with your Christmas celebrations, try heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Reuters writes that Puerto Rico begins their Christmas celebrations the day after Thanksgiving and continues celebrating until January 6th’s Feast of the Three Kings. While taking in the beautiful weather and constant holiday cheer, travelers will also be able to see some cool group caroling, or parrandas. Also, for Christmas dinner, skip the holiday ham. Instead, have a roast pig on a spit, or lechón asado and coconut pudding called tembleque.

Outer space: If you’ve wondered how Kirk and Spock celebrated Christmas in space, you might be able to live out your fantasies sooner than you think! Yahoo! States that in only a few years from now, people might be able to actually go into space to have an interstellar Christmas. Galactic Suite Group is endeavoring on creating space tourism a reality. Firstly, the trip will begin on a beautiful island where guests can prepare and train for the impending trip. Afterwards, guests will be able to stay in the Galactic Suite Space Resort, seeing the stars above Earth.

What do you think about these unique Christmas destinations? Which trip would you like to book?