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Event of the Week: Keep the Faith

By Lance Trebesch December 24, 2013

Bon Jovi Tribute Band Wows Palm Bay, Florida at Kenny D’s

We’re nearing the end of the year, so if you’re like most people in the United States, you’re cold, reminiscing about the past summer. If you are longing for the warmer months, perhaps this rewind into 2013 will bring the sun closer to you.

Earlier this year, Aug. 31, Palm Bay, FL establishment Kenny D’s played host to Bon Jovi tribute band Keep The Faith. Mitch Lautman, owner of Stellar Entertainment in Pompano Beach, said that this tribute concert was the first tribute show on Kenny D’s new stage. “Kenny D’s just completed the new entertainment room and we are having Saturday night concerts every week,” he said. The tribute concerts range from Jimmy Buffet, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, ZZ Top and more, for only a $5 cover.

Keep The Faith is a high-quality Bon Jovi tribute group based in Southwest Florida. The band aims to recreate the energy and excitement of a real Bon Jovi concert, making their audiences feel as though they have just been entertained by Jon Bon Jovi himself.

“Keep The Faith takes you on a musical journey spanning three decades of rock music’s most memorable sing-along anthems: ‘Livin’ On A Prayer,’ ‘Bad Medicine,’ ‘You Give Love A Bad Name,’ and the ballad guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye—‘Bed Of Roses’—are just a few of the chart topping hit songs you’ll hear in this unrivaled tribute show,” states the band’s Facebook page.  The band is comprised of Polo Staber, David Bell, Rick Morrow, TJ Jones, Rick Morrow and Cary Keyz.

This isn’t your ordinary tribute band—Staber is the son of legendary bluegrass artist Dick Staber and, after having undertaken a successful European tour at 16-years-old and moving to Naples, FL, he quickly developed a reputation as one of the most respected musicians in the region. He also was part of a regionally-popular band, Rainmaker. Bell has many recording credits including “Raised on the Radio,” which was featured in the Fast Times in Ridgemont High soundtrack. He also worked with rock acts like Billy Idol, Foreigner, and Grand Funk Railroad. Morrow’s success as a rock/fusion drummer allowed him to work with Ted Nugent, the New York Jazz Quintet, and Sammy Hagar. Keyz has played in many tribute bands, including tribute bands of Dream Theater, U2, Rod Stewart, Aerosmith, and Foreigner.

Keep The Faith was awesome for Kenny D’s. “The band was great and everyone there enjoyed it,” Lautman said. If you want to learn more about Keep The Faith and where you can see them next, visit the band’s official Facebook page. Also visit Stellar Entertainment Group for more information on Keep The Faith and other tribute bands.