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Event of the Week: Rap Artist Inspires in New Jersey

By Lance Trebesch January 8, 2014

George Young Holds Last MyLife Show of 2013

An up-and-coming rap artist is making his name by helping and inspiring others through his meaningful lyrics and inspiring message. George Young, who recently had one of his last shows of 2013 in New Jersey, gave the audience a positive way to close out 2013 and enter the new year.

Young is a hip-hop/rap artist from New Jersey. According to his official site, Young began writing poems in middle school. “I have always been an athletic kid, playing as many sports as I could,” he wrote. “It wasn’t until 8th grade that I found out I had the ability to rap and write poems.”


Young wrote on his site that throughout his adolescence, he would turn his poetry for rap songs, but never really became serious about rapping until his junior year of high school. It was then that he started doing freestyle rapping for fun.

“I decided to take my skills to the next level and turn them into meaningful songs,” he wrote. “After the [Newtown] Connecticut shooting, I decided to make my first song about it. I got a lot of great feedback from radio stations that recommended I should make a living out of rapping.”

Young also runs a Facebook page called “Perfectly Quoted.” “With this page, I help teens all around the world with bullying,” he wrote. “Each day, I try to help someone and with my music spreading, it’s been getting so much easier.”

The most recent show Young has done is the December 28 MyLife Show at the Moose Lodge in South Brunswick, New Jersey. “MyLife shows are basically a concert I put on to have fans come together and know they have each other to go to because we’re all family,” he said. “MyLife is anti bullying and suicide awareness.” He uses his shows to spread positive messages to those in attendance and the December 28 show was more of the same goodwill Young is known for. “The 28th was really fun and I’m already planning more,” he said. He also has some advice for those who want to create their own events to spread good cheer and positive vibes. “If someone was to plan event like this, make sure you know what you’re doing. It takes a lot of work.”

If you want to learn more about Young and his MyLife shows, check him out on his FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Instagram pages. You can also learn more about Young through his “Perfectly Quoted” Facebook page.