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Event of the Week: The Men from Las Vegas Show Takes Over the Electric Blue Saloon

By Lance Trebesch January 27, 2014

Revue Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

The women of King, North Carolina were given an extra-special show January 18 with the Electric Blue Saloon’s “The Men from Las Vegas” show. The all-male revue wasn’t just fun for those in attendance, but it also helped support finding a cure for cancer, a cause that is dear to so many women and their families.

Bryan Wheelock of the Electric Blue Saloon talked more about the event. “This was a male [revue] type of event [featuring] four male dancers for females,” he said. Afterward, he stated, there was a full band with males in attendance.

VegasTo get the word out about the event, Wheelock said social media was the way to go. “Social media and [the Electric Blue Saloon] website seem to be the best way to get the word out these days,” he said.

Their promotional tactics worked, resulting in a spectacular event. “It was an excellent event,” said Wheelock. “[It was] well attended beyond our expectations.” The event was also the first of its kind that the Electric Blue Saloon put on. “Considering this was an event for females only, the attendance was very high for a first time…event,” he said. “The show was very clean cut, as in not raunchy or sleazy in any way. The best Susan G Komen for the Cure [part] of the event is that it was not just male dancers dancing all over women, [with] lap dances and dollar bills being thrown around. [There were] choreographed dance routines, controlled dances for a period of time, and then back to choreographed routines again.” The dancers also didn’t wear anything “too embarrassing…or overly revealing.”

The event also featured the selling of t-shirts and pictures, with a portion of the funds going towards Susan G Komen for the Cure to raise breast cancer awareness.

If you’re planning an event similar to this one, Wheelock states to make sure you have your agreement down in writing. “Always get a contract,” he said. “Never guarantee money for such an event, [like] a 50/50 split with no upfront funds. Keep [the performers] on a time schedule and coordinate an event directly afterwards to get the men involved. Sales will increase at your establishment if you ban men until the show is over and let them in about 10-15 minutes before the show ends.”

If you’d like to see what other events the Electric Blue Saloon has scheduled, visit their website. Their events range from concerts, line dancing classes, and more.