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Event of the Week: Essential Oils and the Bible Workshop Educates, Heals

By Lance Trebesch February 3, 2014

Workshop Focuses on the Healing Properties of Biblical Oils

A class on biblical Essential Oils, called “Essential Oils and the Bible,” was held January 26 at the Holiday Inn in Hoover, Alabama. The class focused on the practical uses of the oils to help heal the body and the soul.

Jeff Friedlander explained more about the event and what its participants learned.

“The event is a 3 hour workshop on the biblical, scientific, and physical uses of Essential Oils,” he said. “We cover a tremendous amount of material from an inspiring and educational format. Each person in attendance receives a booklet entitled 120 Uses for Essential Oils which gives them a great bit of take home material.”

“The workshop allows for a biblical review of how [God] used oils in the bible to bring healing and health to people. We also cover a vast amount of the science behind why the oils work on things such as colds, flu, sore muscles, and arthritis as well as even fighting cancers,” he continued. “We tell testimonial stories and share our personal experiences as well. At the end of the event people have the opportunity to purchase product or even become a member of the Young Living Essential Oils distributors team. If they decide to join they buy the oils for wholesale prices and sell the oils should they desire.”

The event, which was marketed mostly through Facebook and through a network of people already involved in the business, was a great success. “We have had tremendous success with the program and people have written to us about the quality of the program and the benefits they received,” Friedlander said. “The best part of the event was the questions that were asked which gave us an opportunity to direct people to the right resources so they could find the healing they desired.”

“Essential Oils are changing the health care of many people and we have seen our own family go through great change,” he continued. “We are excited to be able to help so many people take care of their own families health naturally, without side effects, and with the opportunity to make some extra income. We saw a woman who had cancer come to the event and for the first time in months be able to sit up and walk without pain for more than an hour. The oils being diffused in the air and passed around provided her with that relief. What a blessing!”

If you’re planning on creating an event similar to Friedlander’s, he suggests following your passion.

“The only advice I would offer to someone planning a similar event is find a product that you are passionate about,” he said. “If all you want to do in make money than that is short sided and short lived. Passion for the product makes all the difference in the world. We believe in what we are doing and we are seeing people’s lives get changed. That is what sells and makes a successful event.”