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Huey’s Bar Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Day-Long Block Party

By Lance Trebesch March 24, 2014

By Monique Jones for TicketRiver.com

Huey’s Bar in Baton Rouge, LA, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with music to the max with their 2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party. The party, which started early at 7 a.m. March 15th in the Juban’s Restaurant parking lot, featured several musical acts and tons of fun drinks.

Ticket River Huey's Bar PosterAndrew Bayard, the general manager of Huey’s Bar talked more about the huge party. “It was a St. Patrick’s day block party with five local bands and a national act plus a DJ between sets,” said Bayard. The live bands that performed included David St. Romain, the Chase Tyler Band, the Perkins Road Band, The Gillis Silo, The Anteeks, and spinning the tunes in between sets was DJ CMIX.

Of course, if there’s live music, there’s got to be some food and drinks to go along with it. Some of the drinks featured at the day-long party included beers and Bacon Bloody Marys to last throughout the local St. Patrick’s parade at the Perkins Overpass. Juban’s provided hamburgers, hot dogs, and jambalaya.

Bayard said that “Facebook advertising and word of mouth” were some of the best ways to marketing the event. The Facebook page was used as the hub for further details about the event and tickets were offered at Huey’s Bar.

As you can expect with a St. Patrick’s Day event, the block party was wildly popular. “Over 2000 people attended,” said Bayard. “It was a great event.” The best part was the amount of business the bar generated. “When we were the busiest, we had about 1500 people there,” he said, adding, “Always be prepared.”

Always being prepared is great advice if you are creating your own party or other kind of big crowd-pleasing event. When planning a big event, it’s always best to think ahead and be prepared for any eventuality, including being extremely busy and catering to a couple thousand guests.

Want to connect with Huey’s Bar? Take a look at their Facebook page and follow the bar on Twitter. Through social media, you’ll be able to keep up with the bar’s specials, upcoming events, and more.

If you created a St. Patrick’s Day event, how did yours go? What other kind of themed events are you planning? If you’d like your event to be featured on our TicketRiver blog, leave a comment below the post!