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Event of the Week: SRIM Fest

By Lance Trebesch April 7, 2014

SRIM Fest 2014 Highlights Local Bands in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin had a great weekend packed with tons of music thanks to SRIM Fest 2014. The music festival took place March 28th and March 29th at The Brat Stop. The SRIM Fest—which stands for Smooth Riders Indoor Music Fest—was hosted by Matt Meyer and The Smooth Riders and featured, as Meyer said, “50 bands playing on 10 stages over two nights.” Meyer, who also organized the event, said that the bands were all local bands, so this festival gave great exposure for Kenosha’s talent.

Bella at SRIM 2014So which local bands played to their fans during SRIM Fest? Some of the big names included Old Brown Shoes, Donoma, 21 Hours, Bella Cain, Allura Electric Orchestra, Three Left, Casino Hyena, The Oscillators, Terry n’ the Front, Burro Creek, Justin Yates, Josh Krug, NoOneSoldier, and Living Dred. Of course, there was Matt Meyer and The Smooth Riders. If you visit the SRIM Fest Facebook page, you can see the listing of all of the bands in full. It’ll give you a better idea of just how jam-packed the weekend actually was, and why the festival is so beloved in Kenosha.

SRIM Shriver.Promotion for this kind of an event, an event that is not in its first year and has a loyal fanbase, is a very big deal, so how does promotion for this event work? “We do social media, posters, tri-fold brochures, and word of mouth,” said Meyer. “Each one has their benefit. Social media is huge of course. Very easy to reach many people.”

As stated above, SRIM Fest is not in its first year; the event is in its sixth year and, as Meyer said, it’s the “busiest one to date.” “The event was great!” said Meyer. “Watching all the bands and their fans just having a great time is the best!”


Organizing an event like this takes a lot of time and effort. Meyer said that if you’re organizing an event like this, make sure to allow yourself enough time to get things right. “Give yourself plenty of time,” said Meyer. “Each event is different and has its own problems and solutions. I do multiple events every year.” Meyer, who said that he organizes many events a year, also offered to give anyone who needs help with organizing to contact him via email. If you’ve got any organizing questions, email him at mattymeyer@gmail.com.

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