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Event of the Week: Meet the Playwright

By Lance Trebesch April 14, 2014

The Angels Theatre Company Holds Meet the Playwright Workshop

The Angels Theatre Company helped new playwrights hone their craft with a cool and informative workshop. The workshop featured the expertise of New York playwright Tony Meneses.

The Angels Theatre Company began in 1992 in Lincoln, Nebraska by Judy Hart, Pippa White, and Sherry Cole. According to the company’s website, the first production the company produced was Grace, Zeal and Transformation at the St. Francis Chapel in 1994. Afterwards, the Angels Theater Company set up shop in the 7th Street Loft until it the building was sold in 1999. Nowadays, the company has a list of performance venues that they collaborate with or rent from. In 2003, the Angels Theatre Company became a corporation, then a non-profit organization in 2004.

Angels Theatre CompanyHart was happy to speak about the Angels Theatre Company’s latest event, Meet the Playwright Interactive Playwriting Workshop. “The Angels Theatre Company recently produced a new play called Las Hermanas Padilla by playwright Tony Meneses,” said Hart. “One of the focuses of the Angels Company is the nurture of playwrights and new work.  Tony agreed to come out and provide a writing workshop as part of the production.”

According to the ticket page for the workshop, the event’s goal was to “aim to cultivate characters and stories by putting ourselves inside the minds and hearts of others, to have empathy for the experience of another human being.”

Hart talked about how the event was promoted to the public. “We used Facebook, our website, visiting classes at University of Nebraska and Doane College, newspaper, radio, Mail Chimp, Who Fish, word of mouth, and personal invitations to playwrights and writers in the area,” she said. “Information was shared with the public through curtain speeches and postcards.  The personal invitations worked best.”

The company very nearly reached their goal with 22 people attending the event. “Our guest playwright was honored to be asked and he loved being in the Midwest,” said Hart. “The best part of the event was watching the writers leave the room invigorated and full of new ideas.”

Are you thinking about creating an event to help the burgeoning playwrights in your area? The suggestion Hart has for those who are thinking about creating writing events is to love what you do. “You have to love what you do, and I love bringing people together to experience new ideas with a group of strangers,” she said.

You can learn more about the Angels Theatre Company, check out their website.