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Mother’s Day Ideas

By Lance Trebesch May 5, 2014

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re still planning your Mother’s Day event—whether it’s a small get-together, raffle, or full-scale evening black-tie event—there are tons of ticket and poster packages TicketPrinting has that you can use to celebrate your mom or the mothers in the community while showing your event off in the best light.


Our Stylish Rose products all have a coordinating theme—a pink and magenta background decorated with woodcut-inspired roses. The Stylish Rose Flyer includes 24 lines for text, giving you enough space to put all the details for your event. The Stylish Rose Raffle Tickets are securely numbered and include a detachable stub that allows for raffle ticket holders to write down their information, such as their address, phone number, and email. There are 19 lines for text (including the lines of text in the detachable stub) so you can place all of your events information in an easy-to-read format. The Stylish Rose Invitation is great if you’re having an intimate Mother’s Day event, like a brunch. The invitation includes 24 lines for text for your event’s details, and is approximately 4.14” x 5.63”, a good size for a proper invitation. There’s also a Stylish Rose Drink Ticket, great if you’re having a stylish toast to the special ladies in your life or your community.  Other Stylish Rose products include Stylish Rose VIP passespostersevent tickets and postcards.

Our Spring event kit also has a ton of options to choose from. All Spring Raffle products have a coordinating background of enlarged purple flowers. The Spring Raffle Ticket includes a perforated stub for your guests to use, as well as 23 lines for text (including the lines available in the perforated stub). The Spring Invitation is, like the Stylish Rose Invitation, is 4.14” x 5.63” and includes 12 lines for your event’s information. The rest of the Spring line of products include the Spring event tickets, the logo flyers, the standard flyerspostcardspostersdrink tickets, and raffle tickets.

If you’re planning on creating a Mother’s Day event with a purpose, such as celebrating our mother Earth, we have an Earth Day Organic event kit. The Earth Day Organic event kit has a corresponding background of green, brown, red, and golden-yellow leaves. The Earth Day Organic event kit includes flyersevent ticketsraffle ticketspostcardsinvitations, and posters.

What kind of Mother’s Day event are you planning?