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Event of the Week: 1st Westchester Putnam Masonic District Honors Freemason Lodges

By Lance Trebesch June 22, 2014

June 16 was the annual Awards Dinner for the 1st Westchester Putnam Masonic District at the Casa Rina Restaurant in Thornwood, NY. The event honored special members of local Freemason lodges and their contributions. Frank L. Pellegrino spoke more about the event.

“The 1st Westchester Putnam District consists of 10 Masonic Lodges; Briarcliff, Diamond-Thistle, Philipstown, Yorktown, Fraternity-Dunderberg, Solomon’s, Van Cortland, Courtlandt, Dunwoodie, and Collabergh-Radium,” said Pellegrino.

“Freemasonry is the oldest and most prestigious fraternal organization in the world and is best known for its charitable work, famous members, and history,” he said. This storied history behind the Freemasons starts with the fraternities of stonemasons toward the end of the fourteenth century. According to Wikipedia, the degrees of freemasonry still have the same three grades of medieval craft guilds—apprentice, journeyman or fellow, which is now called Fellowcraft and Master Mason. The lodges are generally run regionally by a Grand Lodge. Each lodge is run independently.

Pellegrino discussed more about the event and what it entailed. “It has become tradition for our district to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of its Members at an annual awards dinner, and we have had the past three at Casa Rina Restaurant in Thornwood, NY,” he said. “Our winners for the year were:

Mason of the Year- Brother Eric Tiratsuyan

Master of the Year- Worshipful Joshua Scribner

Lodge of the Year- Yorktown Lodge #1154

Award of Inspiration- Brother Frank Tosi”

Left to Right- Frank Tosi, Eric Tiratsuyan, Joshua Scribner, and Richard Bennet (Representing Yorktown Lodge)
Left to Right- Frank Tosi, Eric Tiratsuyan, Joshua Scribner, and Richard Bennet (Representing Yorktown Lodge)

Pellegrino said that mass emails and a flyer with a QR Code were used to promote the event. The code directed potential ticket-buyers to where they could buy the tickets online, and TicketRiver was also used for online credit card payments.

Pellegrino said that the event went great. “The event was a success with over 60 Masons, friends and guests in attendance,” he said. Whether or not you are Mason, you might be in the process of planning your own special event to honor those in your group or organization. If you have are knee-deep in developing your event, Pellegrino has some advice you could use, particularly when it comes to promotion. “I would advise anyone organizing an awards dinner to make sure and reach out to all through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.”

What kind of special event are you preparing for?