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Celebrate the Fourth of July with TicketPrinting

By Lance Trebesch June 15, 2014

Time to get our beach gear and throw away our school books because it’s summer time! Summer is one of the best seasons in the year where we spend our days relaxing in the heat and making the beach our new home, at least for a couple of months. Summer is known for awesome barbeques and, of course, the Fourth of July.

Nothing beats the smoky taste of a great pit barbeque and what better way to enjoy it than in the company of others! TicketPrinting.com has wonderful tickets for your barbeque event such as the BBQ Backyard Event Ticket. This ticket showcases a beautiful backyard with a smoking grill. It comes with secure numbering, stubs that are detachable, and the option for booklet stapling for your convenience. There are other products we have to celebrate your barbeque event, such as the BBQ Vintage Logo Flyer and the BBQ Retro Chalkboard Poster. Both posters will be a major hit at your neighborhood barbeque.


The BBQ Vintage Logo Flyer showcases a beautiful plaid background and unique lettering to showcase your event details. You can also use this flyer as an invitation for your guests. The BBQ Retro Chalkboard Poster which features a close up picture of a sensationally grilled chicken skewer on the grill. This poster will definitely make your guests’ mouths water for your event. If your barbeque event has a raffle, you can always use our BBQ Vintage Raffle Ticket, which matches lovely with the Vintage Logo Flyer. This ticket has the same wonderfully fun tan plaid pattern and has secure numbering and detachable stubs.

For those who want to celebrate the Fourth of July, we have several amazing products for you to utilize for your event! We have the Stars and Stripes Flyer. As the name suggests it’s a patriotic flyer decorated with stars and stripes. It’ll really showcase your excitement for the Fourth of July! We also have three different tickets that you can use for your event, each with a distinguished design for your tastes! We have the Fourth of July Hometown Event ticket that has a nice red, white, and blue star and stripe design, the Fourth of July Freedom Blue Event Ticket that has a brilliant blue background and red, white and blue decorations keeping with the Fourth of July theme, and lastly, there is the Fourth of July Freedom Event Ticket which has detachable stubs and numbering for more security.


With these wonderful products your summer events are sure to be a major hit! What kind of summer celebrations are you preparing for? Write about them in the comments section!