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Event of the Week: The Take Off

By Lance Trebesch June 2, 2014

The Take Off Celebrates Rising Rap and Hip-Hop Talent

May 24 was a huge night for independent rap and hip hop music. The Aardvark bar in Fort Worth, TX played host to The Take Off Showcase and Party. The event featured upcoming music groups as well as music from Collin the Chief and B Braden. The event also highlighted one of Texas’ upcoming independent labels.

The Take Off was an event created by indie record label Do It Bigger Entertainment in order to celebrating their rising talent. “The Take Off was a showcase, showcasing the label Do It Bigger Entertainment and their artists SRMG or Steady Rising Music Group, as well as performances by local artist group Ace Way High, who took over!” said DK, the co-founder of Do It Big Entertainment. “It’s the first of many showcases for the whole summer for the label and artists.”

DK is a co-founder of Do It Bigger Entertainment, which opened in May 2012 in Dallas, TX. The label, which became official in October 2012, is also the mastermind behind SRMG, a group of artists featuring four rappers and one singer. You can hear SRMG’s music at the group’s YouTube page.





To get the word out about the event, DK said that promotion involved a huge online presence. “We spread the word about the event through all of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and face to face promotions,” he said. The event also had a Twitter hashtag, #TheTakeOff, which made it easy for fans to engage in online conversations about the event.

The result of the promotion led to a huge turnout and some new fans. “The event went well!” said DK. “We had about 200 people come out to support and gained some new fan base.”

The best parts for DK (and probably everyone in attendance) were the performances themselves. “[E]veryone was engaged and even was able to crowd surf,” he said. “[We] also added Ace Way High to the label Do It Bigger Entertainment.”

If you’re looking to create your own launch party or showcase, DK said to get prepared early. “[M]ake sure [you] have all the things planned and organized before the event and have meeting set in place for everyone!” he said.

Want to learn more about Do It Bigger Entertainment and SRMG? You can follow the label on Facebook and you can follow SRMG on Twitter.