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Event of the Week: White Diamonds and Black Pearls

By Lance Trebesch June 8, 2014

Wonluv Entertainment Group Puts on White Diamonds and Black Pearls

Wonluv Entertainment Group recently held another event in Tallahassee, Florida. The event, White Diamonds and Black Pearls, provided a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to have fun at the Tallahassee Garden Center.

Harris Wiltsher of Wonluv Entertainment Group talked more about the event. “The event was a play on all white parties,” he said. “We asked our clientele to wear all white with black accents (necklace, watch, etc.).”

White Diamonds Black Pearls

The event had tons of music and games to entertain guests all night. “We [had] live music with vocals, two DJs and a poetry troupe called Black On Black Rhyme.” The music was provided by The Tribute Band with vocals by LaCloteal Richardson. Black On Black Rhyme, the group that provided the night’s poetry readings, is a very special group. The troupe was established in 1998 by writer and poet Keith Rodgers. Rodgers’ first troupe, the BackTalk! Poetry Troupe, featured local poets, lyricists, rappers, writers, DJs, musicians and singers—performers that have shared their talents worldwide. Nowadays, 15 years later, Black on Black Rhyme has become one of America’s most respected poetry organizations with venues in Florida, New York and Georgia. The troupe’s mission is to “[e]nlighten and [e]ducate using poetry to create a positive influence and improving the quality of life for all those that come in contact with the [a]rt of [s]poken [w]ord.”

“The event went wonderfully,” said Wiltsher. “Everyone enjoyed themselves, plenty of pictures were taken in front of the official Wonluv backdrop and the ambiance was fantastic.”

The ambiance of the Tallahassee Garden Center—also known as The Rutgers House—is one of historic beauty. The house was built in 1840 for City Councilman and Territorial Treasurer Henry Rutgers by George Proctor, a free black man who built many of the early homes in Tallahassee, according to the center’s site. The home is one of Tallahassee’s historic landmarks and the Garden Club began restoring the home in 1969.

Wiltsher’s favorite part of the night was a special song sung for some special guests. “The favorite part of the evening was the vocalist LaCloteal singing happy birthday to two clients who were celebrating their 50th birthday with us,” he said.

White Diamonds and Black Pearls is just one of the many networking events Wonluv Entertainment Group puts on during the year. You can follow Wonluv Entertainment Group on Facebook and on Twitter.