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Event of the Week: Goose Island Wrigleyville Rocks

By Lance Trebesch July 14, 2014

The Dead Woods, In the Aisles and Red Light Saints Take Over Goose Island Wrigleyville

On July 5, tons of music fans were able to see The Dead Woods, In the Aisles, and Red Light Saints play at Goose Island Wrigleyville in Chicago, Illinois. This event was brought by SwizzleSteve who books great music showcases weekly at different venues in Chicago such as House of Blues Chicago, Cubby Bear, Double Door, Hard Rock Cafe, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen and Lincoln Hall.

Goose Island Wrigleyville

If you’re a rock fan, you’ll have a lot of fun learning more about the bands SwizzleSteve booked for their concert. The Dead Woods are a Rock/Alternative band from Chicago whose members include Mark Wendell, Austin Getz, Jim Gerontzos, and Nick La Brose. In 2012, The Dead Woods started out as a “Low Fi/Rock Band” in the midwest suburbs of Chicago. In January 2014, the band released their first CD “Seventy Cedar” which was recorded in Chicago and mixed and produced by Maxwell Stegar. The band followed up the release of the CD with a sold out show at the House of Blues Chicago supported by the band, Crosses.

In the Aisles is one of the up and coming acts in Chicagoland rock acts, starting out as just a jam band and working their way up through Chicago’s rock scene. Their sound could be described as a combination of Alternative Rock with a melodic Punk/Grunge sound. In the Aisles is one of the few bands where their sound is raw and full.

Formed in 2006, Red Light Saints have gained momentum with their busy performance schedule. Their concerts are known for being unpredictable and having a unique energy that mesmerizes audiences for years. The exposure came from touring with Canada’s up and coming rock bands such as Rebel Emergency, Daniel Wesley, Jen Militia, A Plot Against Me, and several others. They’ve also toured in Ontario and Quebec performing on radio, festivals, live television and more. The Red Light Saints have given much for their time and merchandise to charity. They hold benefit concerts for United Way, Students for a Free Tibet, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the Children’s Aid society.

Tyler Priest from SwizzleSteve.com talked more about the promotional aspect of the event. “The quickest way to spread the word is through social media and an online presence,” he said. “The second fastest is word-of-mouth and communication between the features acts, and our audience.”

“The event went fairly well,” said Priest. “There weren’t any technical hiccups, and everyone left satisfied.” The best part of the event, he said, included the acts themselves. “The night was never dull.”

If you’re planning your own concert, Priest said that communication is important. “Of course, going through SwizzleSteve.com Presents would always help, but most importantly, there needs to be communication between the promoter, venue, and performers, especially with so many this time around,” he said.

You can check out SwizzleSteve on Facebook and at the company’s website. You can learn more about The Dead Woods, In the Aisles and Red Light Saints at these links.