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Event of the Week: Sounds of Colors

By Lance Trebesch July 7, 2014

UNC Charlotte Celebrates Classical Indian Music with the Sounds of Colors Concert

Lovers of Indian classical music were given a treat at UNC Charlotte June 21st with the “Sounds of Colors” classical music concert featuring Shafaat Khan. Rajiv Saddy, who helped promote the event, spoke more about it.

“The ‘Sounds of Colors’ was an event that brought together creativity in music and visual art,” said Saddy. “An accomplished musician – well known for his expertise in Sitar and Tabla performed at this event.  A few local artists with passion in painting and art created some very attractive paintings on a theme – music.”

“Local school going kids volunteered as ushers, ticket sales attendants, stage attendants and food servers,”  he said. “All proceeds from food sales were directed towards charity. Speeches and stage appearances of general folks was kept to a minimum. Very few local artists were hand-picked to perform some classical music pieces ahead of the main performer.”

shafaat_Green Website

The performer was Ustad Shafaat Khan. “Ustad Shafaat Khan [is a]world-renowned Indian Classical musician, son of illustrious Ustad Imrat Khan and nephew of the prestigious Ustad Vilayat Khan,” stated the event’s ticket page. “[He] has performed worldwide at many prominent concert halls, music festivals and universities all over India, America, Europe, China, Russia and Japan and the world. Recently, he performed with Stevie Wonder at one of the biggest festivals in the USA, The Bonnaroo Festival. In addition, some of his CDs have been produced by the famous Dr. Deepak Chopra.” Khan has also become “the first known artist to have attained simultaneous excellence in performing sitar, surbahar and tabla.”

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To get the word out about the event, an online presence and phone calling were utilized. “We spread the word about the event through emails, personal phone calls and through Facebook,” said Saady. “We created an event in Facebook and bought a targeted list of folks to send the message to.  We also requested friends to inform other friends through social media.”

“I learned that email/Facebook messages help spread the awareness and messages, but personal contact/phone makes the final sale of tickets,” he said, also citing how affiliation with charitable organizations helped a great deal as well.

The hard promotional work paid off. “The event went very well and we got raving reviews for the experience that people had,” said Saddy. “The art was good, the music was fantastic as well.  People also liked the venue.”

“The best part of the event was that everything was well on time,” he said. “The quality of music and art was very good. People were all very interested in listening to the artist. They gave undivided attention.”

Are you planning an event similar to this one? Saddy has some pointers.

“I would say that some of the critical to success factors would be:

  1. Start spreading the message at least 3 months ahead – to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  2. Use emails, social media extensively.
  3. Locate opinion leaders in the community and spend more time on selling the idea to them.  Involve them if you can. It helps to recruit leaders so others can follow.
  4. Get students as volunteers.
  5. Associate with a non-profit or charity organization that is well respected.
  6. Appoint leaders and delegate responsibilities
  7. Appreciate contribution by others – make them feel special.”

What kind of musical events are you creating?