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Event of the Week: Wake Up, It’s Your Future

By Lance Trebesch July 21, 2014

Houston Biblical Prophecy Conference Provides Peace and Information for Attendees

Many believers of biblical prophecy attended a prophecy conference called “Wake Up, It’s Your Future!” at the Marriott Hotel South in Houston Texas. The event, held June 21, was described as “one of the most revealing and truth-telling Prophecy Conferences in the last days.” It featured “powerful praise and worship [and] powerful prophecy teachers” in two busy sessions aimed at providing insight into the events listed in The Book of Revelation.

Wake Up It's Your FutureThe event covered many different elements of bible prophecy. The first session included topics such as “What is Bible Prophecy?,” “The Book of Daniel in One Hour,” and “The Antichrist and the New World Order.” The second session included “Revelation in One Hour,” “Where Are We Now in Bible Prophecy? How Do We Know That Time is Running Out?,” “Are You Ready For the Gathering?” and a question and answer session.

The event was free to all who wanted to attend. But tickets were required for entry since the event also had limited seating.

Gale Stanford, one of the organizers of the event, discussed more about the event. “The event was a Bible Prophecy Conference aimed at warning God’s people of end-time events and preparing them for what lies ahead,” said Stanford.

To get the word out about the event, television, radio and the internet was used. “Information about the event was communicated through Channel 11’s online community events website, local and Christian radio stations, and community venues,” said Stanford. “Local and Christian radio stations were most effective.”

The event went “very well,” said Stanford. “The best part of the event was learning that those in attendance are spreading the word about the event.  Because of word of mouth, I am receiving requests for my book, ‘Daniel’s Apocalypse: Revealing the End-Times.’ I recently sent a copy of the book to a person in Bronx, New York who was told about the event.”

Conferences are great if you want to reach a large amount of people who specialize or want information about a certain subject. If you’re looking at creating your own conference, or if you are planning a conference for your organization, Stanford said that it’s best to have “several methods of distributing tickets.”

What kind of conference would you like to create? What topics will include at your next conference?