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Get Your Back-to-School Tickets from TicketRiver

By Lance Trebesch August 5, 2014

Now that it’s August, it’s almost time to send the kids back to school! Even though school-age kids are still enjoying the last few days of summer, teachers and principals are already hard at work at getting the year’s events lined up. If you are an educator or principal that is creating an event for your school and you need some snazzy tickets, look no further. Our tickets allow you to celebrate your school pride while looking clean and professional, making your event the envy of surrounding schools. Here’s a quick sampling of our selection.

Get your students enthusiastic about school with this “School Notebook Black and White” event ticket. The ticket’s predominate image is a black, chunky pencil. The background resembles college-ruled paper, driving the school theme home. There’s plenty of space to customize these individually-numbered tickets, including space to place your event’s pertinent info.  School-Notebook-GA

Our “Class Reunion Mascot” event tickets can be used for class reunions, but they can also be used for school spirit events. Our tickets come in a wide array of colors—red, blue, purple, orange, and green. All tickets include a spot for your school logo or other picture, tons of space for event information, and a clean, mostly-white design accented with the color of your choice.


If your event is something along the lines of a parent-teacher event, you might want to use our “Education Chalk Board” event ticket. The ticket looks like a standard green chalkboard, with yellow and white text used for contrast. There are four squares available for school logos or other pictures, and there’s plenty of room to place your event’s information.

We have a vast array of graduation-themed tickets, but of course, these tickets could be altered to use for other school-themed events. One of our graduation-themed tickets is the “Bright Ideas General Admission” Ticket. The ticket is yellow, decorated with the light blue silhouettes of excited new graduates throwing their caps in the air. The perforated stub of the ticket is decorated with blue stars, carrying the theme of excitement all along the ticket. The individually-numbered tickets has tons of space for your own custom image and event information. The ticket also has a matching event kit to keep the theme of your event uniform.

What events are you throwing at your school this year?