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WS Holland’s 60th Rockin’ Anniversary

By Lance Trebesch August 25, 2014

Rock & Roll Fans Celebrate Legendary Career of WS Holland at his 60th Rockin’ Anniversary

Fans of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins alike had a great time with a musical legend. WS Holland’s 60th Rockin’ Anniversary, which took place August 16th at the Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson, Tennessee, celebrated the career of WS Holland. Holland’s musical talents led to a fantastic career as the drummer for both Perkins and Cash. As Holland’s manager Ron Haney wrote, Holland has “one of the longest running careers in the music industry.”


The event featured special guest performers such as Larry Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers; Johnny Cash’s pianist Earl Poole Ball; Dave Roe, the bassist for Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three backing band; Sun Records artists Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers; Norwegian Johnny Cash tribute band member, Rune Myhren who tours with the NO CASH Band; of course, Holland himself and the WS Holland Band.

Despite the variety of promotional tactics used, one method was used in particular by Haney. “We advertised extensively via five radio stations, TV, Facebook, newspaper and fan email list, etc.,” wrote Haney. “Also, two separate press releases were sent to a regional media list of electronic and print media outlets.”

News of a night dedicated to one of the original Rock & Roll drummers seems to have spread quickly; the event was well-attended and went, according to Haney, “[f]antastically well,”  with some help from selling tickets online. “[I was] very pleased with the outcome, audience numbers and response over the days following the show,” he wrote. “Tickets to our event were available [online] as well as at the venue box office. This worked extremely well for attendees from other states/locations who didn’t want to wait till arriving in our city to purchase them.”

“Overall, the event was fantastic. The highlight was the show itself,” wrote Haney. “All the artists performed extremely well and the audience loved the entire event. The actual concert ran longer than I had planned. However, the audience stayed for the entire show, a good sign they were really into it.”

Haney has a few suggestions for those wanting to learn more about event promotions, particularly if your event is a concert.

“Besides utilizing traditional means of advertising for your concert event (radio, TV, newspaper) be sure to incorporate what online means of advertising/promotion are available to you:  Facebook, email lists, blogs that are related to your type of event, etc.,” he wrote. “Don’t hesitate to ask your Facebook fans/friends to help you promote your event in the weeks prior to it by sharing your posts, comments, online posters, etc. If at all possible, work with local/regional/national corporate sponsors. Offer them different levels of sponsorships for a fee. This will help take the pressure off your budget [when] it’s time to pay the bills for the event. This also gives you upfront funds for things you need for the event, i.e. [online tickets] for those who want to purchase admission via a ‘hardcopy’ ticket from a box office.”