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Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy

By Lance Trebesch September 8, 2014

New Jersey Teens Wow Audiences with Off-Broadway Production, Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy

Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy recently had a successful three day off-Broadway run at the Roy Arias Studios in New York City. The show, which took place between August 22nd and August 24th, featured New Jersey teen actors and actresses giving their all on the stage.

The stage play was written, directed, produced and performed by this group of teenagers who pooled their talents together to show audiences an inside look at an unconventional family including a girl named Rayne, and her sister, Daisy, who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Rayne cares for Daisy and her friend, Skylar, after the two girls were kidnapped for three years.

The play answers the questions of how to deal with trauma and still pursue life. The play also analyzes how trauma affects mental health. The director of the play, Aaron Drill, said in a statement, “Our play is not one to miss because its emotional truth and passion can help start a dialogue about these serious issues that’s so often cast aside.”




Writer Mariah Ayscue also said of the play, “A playwright can only create dead words – it’s the director and actresses that bring to life our words. Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy relates to not only those with mental illnesses, but to those who have family and friends who suffer from them. Watching my words come to life through the voice of these wonderful actors, there is just no better feeling.”

Charles E. Williams, the executive producer of the WEG Media Group, stated that he was adamant about bringing the play to New York. To promote the event, Williams said social media—including the hashtag #BitterAsBeerSweetLikeDaisy–and word of mouth was used.  Another method of promotion was a contest purchasers were able to enter in. Those who registered before or on August 20 were automatically entered into a contest to win free tickets to attend the Journey to Manhood VIP screening and Red Carpet event in New York City.



The play’s success was astounding. “The event was so successful that we are discussing [to] do it again [because of] the way people responded to the play and how often they came back to see it.”

If you’re promoting your group’s upcoming performance, Williams wrote that planning early is key. Williams also wrote, “…[U]se video and all the social media you can get. Don’t forget about involving family and friends to promote.”