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Event of the Week: eXcellence in Praise

By Lance Trebesch September 1, 2014

Youth Dancers Bring Uplifting Message with “eXcellence in Praise” Event

Dance met worship with August 3rd’s “eXcellence in Praise” event. Dejelle Brebnor, the founder, owner, director and choreographer of eXalted Dance Company discussed how the event not only gave young dancers a platform to perform, but also gave participants a positive experience.

Brebnor wrote that the event brought together dancers to celebrate joyful expression. “The event was a Christian Performing Arts dance event which united fellow dance ministries throughout Baltimore and the surrounding area,” wrote Brebnor. “The event was geared to raising awareness about the eXalted Dance Company, which builds dancers at their experience level as well as focuses on our youth and young adults having a place to express themselves positively.”

Brebnor’s eXalted Dance Company teaches prospective dancers many different types of dance, including modern dance, tap, ballet, tap, contemporary, flag and banner worship, Zumba Praise and Fitness and much more. The event highlighted what Brebnor instills in her classes, which is to bring their worship of God to the stage through movement.

Dance 312 (2)

Dance 241

Dance 115

Social media was one of the main promotional tools for “eXcellence in Praise.” “In promoting the event I created a flier which was generated on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” she wrote. “The dancers of eXalted were required to spread the word as well and sell tickets.” Brebnor also said that text messages and emails were used for promotion; using text messages and emails, wrote Brebnor, actually turned out to be the best strategy.

The event turned out to be a huge success. “The event was exceptional for the venue location and capacity,” Brebnor said. “We estimated a 200 turn out and actually had a turnout of 180.”

“The best part of the event was everything, from the phenomenal dancers–our youth– doing something positive through movement as opposed to what we see portrayed in the media, to the sounds of The Liberation Movement, a local music group.”

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Brebnor advises that if you’re putting on a huge event like “eXcellence in Praise,” it’s best “to begin promotion early.” Another tip Brebnor’s promotional tactics bring up is to promote in a way that will attract the demographic you want to attend your event. With an event targeted towards the youth, it’s necessary to reach them where they frequent the most–on the internet or through their phones.

You can learn more about eXalted Dance Company, the classes they provide and the upcoming events at the company’s website and Facebook page.