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Jumpstart Your Ideas for Raffle Prizes

By Lance Trebesch September 29, 2014

Many of our clients use raffles as their main form of fundraising. You might have noticed this popular trend and you might be inspired to create your own raffle.

Of course, there are some very important rules and legalities you’ll have to concern yourself with before jumping head-first into creating your raffles, such as applying for a raffle permit and, if you run a non-profit, learning about the IRS’ policies on raffles run by tax-exempt organizations. But if you’re already in the clear to go ahead with your raffle planning, then the next hurdle you have to overcome is deciding what kinds of prizes you’ll have available for your guests to win.

Staying cognizant of your event’s theme is one of the best ways to develop ideas about the types of prizes that would complement your event the best. For instance, if you are raising money for a local youth basketball team, one prize could be a basketball autographed by a local star college basketball player or a paid-for trip to a basketball camp.

If you are still at a loss as to what prizes you should consider, there are many online resources you can look to. One great resource is Pinterest. A board appropriately as “Raffle Prize Ideas” features tons of suggestions, such as baskets stuffed with themed items, such as a basket filled with kitchen utensils and cooking supplies, gifts like a bouquet of various types of candy, school supplies uniquely arranged like a layer cake, and more.

Gift Baskets at Moulin d’Opio. Credit: Allen Sheffield (Flickr Creative Commons)
Gift Baskets at Moulin d’Opio. Credit: Allen Sheffield (Flickr Creative Commons)

Another resource, “Raffle Ideas: Fundraising Raffle Prize Ideas Under $50” gives readers ideas for great raffle prizes that won’t break the bank. Some prize ideas the resource mentions includes Amazon and iTunes gift cards, jewelry (such as unique pendant necklaces), and even electronics, like reasonably-priced music players. The webpage also offers other ideas if you’re willing to have a couple of more expensive prizes, such as Nintendo handheld gaming devices and Apple products.

You can also look to our customers for raffle prize ideas. A Night to Shine 2013 an event created by KE Kimber Development, honored those battling brain tumors, colon cancer and Crohn’s Disease and raised money to help find cures for these afflictions. One way the event raised money was through an auction, which featured customized gift baskets and donated items from KE Kimber Development founders and co-founders.  The 2nd Annual All White Networking Event, created by Big Reg Entertainment and LaKisha Murray of Las-A Makeup Studio gave away prizes from salons around the Houston area.

What raffle prize ideas do you have? Give your suggestions in the comments section below!