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1st United Space Alliance All-Hands Reunion 2014

By Lance Trebesch October 6, 2014

Former Employees Catch Up on Old Times at 1st United Space Alliance All-Hands Reunion 2014

Former members of the United Space Alliance reconnected during the 1st United Space Alliance All-Hands Reunion 2014. The reunion was held under one of the outdoor pavilions of Houston, TX’s NASA Gilruth Center—NASA’s social activity and sporting center—September 27.

As Andrew J. Ricks, Jr., one of the organizers of the event wrote, the event was a “reunion of ex-coworkers with United Space Alliance (USA).” “USA managed the Space Shuttle contract for NASA for about the last 15 years of the contract’s life,” he wrote. According to USA’s website, the company “consolidated more than 30 heritage contracts that supported the Space Shuttle Program” since its inception in 1996. Some of their contracts include the Space Flight Operations Contract (SFOC) and the Space Program Operations Contract (SPOC).

United Space Alliance Flickr

Promotion for the event included social media as well as conventional tactics. “We primarily used Facebook’s Event feature to get word out,” wrote Ricks. “…[W]e also sent out invitations to everyone that we could think of who used to work for USA [through via Facebook and email] and we encouraged others to do the same.” Another encouraging factor to the promotion was that guests could bring their children, and children under five years old were able to attend for free.

The promotion worked well, resulting in a great event. “We had a good turnout for the event, about 180 people showed up,” Ricks wrote. “We, the event coordinators, provided pizzas, assorted desserts, sodas and some live entertainment for the event. By all accounts, it went pretty well.”

The best part of the event was, of course, catching up on old times. “The highlight was definitely just seeing people that you may have not seen since the contract shutdown,” wrote Ricks.

Are you planning a reunion similar to the 1st United Space Alliance All-Hands Reunion? Ricks wrote that consistency is necessary in your planning. “Be consistent in your communications,” wrote Ricks. “Our event committee had some issues with this, in the sense that we didn’t always check with each other before communicating with people who were interested in coming to the event. This caused some confusion a few times, but nothing major. Nevertheless, doing the event showed me that it’s important that event coordinators speak with a unified voice, because if you don’t it could create problems.”


Photo credit: Jeremy Keith (Flickr Creative Commons)