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Event of the Week: Ben Official & The Boy Illinois

By Lance Trebesch October 27, 2014

Chicago Jams Out to the Ben Official & The Boy Illinois Concert 

Chicago’s Riff Music Lounge welcomed the Good Deeds Crew, who threw the Ben Official & The Boy Illinois Concert. The event, which took place October 19th, featured the new sounds from the world of indie hip hop.

K Moon, owner of Good Deeds Crew, explained more about the event and her company. “My company Good Deeds Crew put together a collaboration of male Hip-Hop & R&B acts accompanied by live bands,” she wrote. As stated in the title, the concert featured Ben Official and The Boy Illinois to present their talents to a larger audience.


“Ben Official & The Boy Illinois are two Chicago indie artists on the rise,” she wrote. “Ben Official [is] a soulful RnB singer that puts you in the realm of John Legend, Robin Thicke, and Tyrese. But he still manage to have his own unique sound which make him standout. When Ben Official begins to sing his presence & voice owns the room.”

“The Boy Illinois is such a crafty Hip-Hop artist he has been called the Billy Dee of hip hop because of his smooth and relatable demeanor,” she continued. “His music is loved by urban, educated, and different demographic fans, which helps make his career promising.” The concert also featured live accompaniment by the band Harmonious Dynasty as well as performances by other indie artists such as Tre-Style, Dope Fantasy, Taylor Mallory, Chrystopher King, The SkyWalkers and Chris Crack & New Deal Crew.

To promote the event, the Good Deeds Crew used the power of the internet. “The event was heavily promoted on social media from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,” wrote K Moon. “There were several blogs, online radio stations, and websites helping with the promotion.”

Thanks to preparation and promotion, the event turned out to be a great night for indie hip hop music.”[The] Ben Official & The Boy Illinois show was an incredible show,” wrote K Moon. “[T]he turnout was amazing.” You can see tons of highlights from the event at the Good Deeds Crew’s Instagram account and the Instagram accounts for igrind4real and next_on_deck.

If you’re planning your own concert or talent showcase, K Moon states to keep the audience’s tastes in mind. “The advice that I would give anyone that’s putting a live show together is to have a variety of acts that all the fans would love to see perform again,” she wrote. “Also you have to picks acts that have their own unique sound, style, and fans base because this helps people to stay wanting to hear due to the fact that music isn’t sound repetitive. And it also help to have live bands it just make the show so much better.”