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Event of the Week: Dead End

By Lance Trebesch November 19, 2014

Indie Horror Film Dead End Scares and Entertains Cupertino Audience

This October, indie movie fans of Cupertino, California were scared into the Halloween spirit with horror film Dead End, directed by Jordan F. Ghamma and starring Shalema Meszaro, Big-Spence Spencer, Larry Kitagawa, Ilona Dawod, Sabrina Hodge, Julia Heller, and Nicole R. Hughes. The film debuted at Cupertino’s Bluelight Cinemas, a family owned business that features national releases as well as indie films and movie events.


The film tells the story of a girl who is on the run from demonic forces. The film is described as being Friday the 13th meets The Conjuring.

“Demonic entities haunt Tina Tanaka after she decides to pursue uncovering the case of the masked-killer who had claimed the lives of school-children in her small town,” states the official synopsis. “Her devotion to the case manifests frightening paranormal activities around her. The spirits haunt her in wake and sleep. Tina reaches out to the local priest who sheds light on her situation and helps her channel the spirits to guide her. She realizes she must endure frightening terrors if she is to find the masked murderer, even if it means she must meet him face to face.”

To let the movie-loving community know about the event, Ghamma wrote that Facebook and word-of-mouth was primarily used as promotional tactics. Facebook is one of the easiest ways to let your audience know about an event; according to Business Insider, social media is the top activity of internet users, with Americans spending more time on social media than any other online activity including checking and sending emails. Also, Business Insider states that Facebook attracts round seven times more engagement than Twitter.

Also, using word of mouth along with social media is a smart and effective way to galvanize online and offline markets. As Suzanne Fanning, the president of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association wrote, “No doubt face-to-face is best—the most credible and most impactful [mode of marketing],” adding that marketers should focus on the power of word of mouth marketing and online promotions working together. “The average consumer mentions brand names about 790 times per week online and or offline,” she wrote.

Using social media’s wide reach and the tried-and-true method of word of mouth helped the event become a huge success. “The event went well,” wrote Ghamma. “We had almost sold out.”

“The best part was seeing the people’s reactions. And personally to see people buy refreshments to see my film,” wrote Ghamma. “That felt like validation that these people were considering my film like they would a major studio film in a theater.” Other highlights from the event included the cast and crew pose with movie-goers for pictures.

You can learn more about Dead End at Dead Sea Productions and at the film’s IMDB page. Dead End 2 will be released June 30th, 2015.

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