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Pinterest—The Underappreciated Social Media Tool

By Lance Trebesch November 22, 2014

We’ve read how many of our customers use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote their events and create new fans and followers. But, there’s one site that seems to have been left out of the promotional equation—Pinterest.


Pinterest is a social media site that’s typically thought of as a site for those who like sharing craft or food ideas, but Pinterest is a great site for those who want to increase their reach and expand their platform as an expert in their particular field. By pinning pictures or infographics that relate to your event or area of expertise, you can attract new fans and make new connections, making your events and business that much stronger.

Krista Neher outlines several ways in which event planners can use Pinterest, such as pinning images of the area chosen for your event as an online guidebook for guests,  and pinning pictures of speakers or other special guests (such as musical talent or event sponsors).

Christine DeFazio of SignUp4.com also stated that pinning pictures of past events will help create buzz about future events. For instance, if your company or group holds an annual luncheon or gala, posting pictures from the previous year will get followers excited for the next one. Pinning pictures from past events could also spark conversation about your group or company and how new followers can get involved or contribute.

DeFazio also suggests pinning images from any sponsors your event might have. This pinned shout-out not only gives a nice PR boost for your sponsors, but it also might attract new sponsors who would have learned more about your company or group from your pins.

It’s important to upload pictures that you believe will entice your readers to click. Wishpond states that the picture needs to keep your reader’s attention. “Think of Pinterest as a lusciously enjoyable glossy magazine,” states the site. “It is filled with appealing eye candy. To capture the attention of a reader from the site, your Pins need the visual appeal to stand out, and to invoke them to click through to your blog post.”

Give some of these tips a try! Promote your event and event site through Pinterest as well as through other social media channels and see if you receive an uptick in traffic, ticket sales, and attendee turnout. If you already use Pinterest to promote your event, tell us some of your tips in the comments section below.