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Event of the Week: Girls Night Out Expo

By Lance Trebesch December 15, 2014

Girls Night Out Expo Give Fun Beauty Tips to Attendees

A little more relaxation and pampering came to Blanding, Utah in the form of December 6th’s Girls Night Out Expo. The expo, presented at the Blanding Arts & Events Center, featured tons of presentations on beauty tips and relaxation methods.

The day featured makeup artists, massages on site, nail products, costume jewelry, clothes, skin care experts, health advisors and, stated Kara Laws, “classes all centered around women,” such as a self-defense class. Even better – everything at the expo was available for attendees to try for themselves. There was also specialty food at the event, including Navajo tacos.


The promotion for the event featured a lot of physical impressions. “We advertised in local grocery stores and shops [and] we put ads in the local paper,” wrote Laws. But, she wrote, the one method that seemed to work the best was social media. “We found all of our vendors that way and they turned around and advertised to all of their customers,” she wrote. “We didn’t have many people saying they found us in the paper but we had a lot saying they found us online.”

This was the first expo for Laws and her team. “We had about 250 people show up,” wrote Laws. “In a community this size that is pretty good, especially for a first time event. We had comment cards out all over the place and about 98 percent of our responses were nothing but positive.” The fans that are anxious for the expo to return will be happy to know that the expo is now a bi-annual event, so twice every year, fans of beauty and style will be able to come back to the expo and something new each time.

Speaking of learning, Laws wrote about the fun the attendees had participating in the expo’s classes. “We did have a few women’s self-defense classes that were incredible,” she wrote. “We also had a basic makeup class that kept everyone laughing for the entire hour.” The best part of the expo, wrote Laws, was the drawing for the event’s grand prize. “The girl who won walked away with over $500 worth of amazing prizes,” she wrote.” The event also helped others through fundraising; half of the funds raised from admission prices were donated to Blanding’s BKE Scholarship, which was set up in honor of three of the city’s leaders who were lost in an unforeseen tragedy.

If you’re planning your own event or expo, Laws writes that keeping tabs on everything pertaining to your event is essential. “Stay organized,” she wrote. “…Make sure you have lots of help.” She also wrote to always expect questions when it comes to your team helping you organize or attendees wanting to know more about the event. “Plan on them asking,” she wrote.