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Event of the Week: The Alexander Anderson Trio

By Lance Trebesch January 18, 2015

The Alexander Anderson Trio Delights Fans in California

Modern jazz fans were given a treat January 11th with the Alexander Anderson Trio at the Solomonophonic Studios in San Carlos, California. The band also gave fans a special surprise – a brand new song made solely for the event.

The Alexander Anderson Trio is a modern jazz trio led by keyboardist Anderson and Will Lyle (bass) and Rodney Rocques (percussion). Special guest, guitarist Jared Solomon, also performed with the trio. “Each musician…has been recognized for breaking boundaries and taking music to new heights,” states the trio’s site. “Together, they meld into musical ambrosia.”

Alexander Anderson Trio 1

Alexander Anderson Trio 2

The group and Solomon originate from Berklee College of Music in Boston and performed at Solomonophonic Studios while on their west coast tour. The intimate concert gave fans a unique chance to listen to the group’s newest works.

Aaron Solomon, who helped with the promotion of the event, wrote about how he got the word out about the concert. “We used mailing lists of music fans of local prodigy, Jared Solomon, as well as promotion by Facebook,” he said. “Because of the limited seating, we didn’t market it to radio or print.”

The event was, as Solomon said, “a major success.” “We sold all of the available tickets and the guests were wowed by the performance,” he wrote. “A local professional musician was quoted as saying, ‘Probably some of the best music to come to ever come to town.’”

One of the highlights of the event was when the trio played a new song, “Solomonphonic,” which was written just the day before the concert. As you can tell by the title, it was a way to honor the venue and the fans who came to support their music.

Alexander Anderson Trio 3

Alexander Anderson Trio 4

For others planning similar musical events, Solomon wrote that getting ahead of the event in terms of planning is essential. “I would advise that one plans promotion as early as possible,” he wrote. He also suggested mailing lists as a great way to promote events. “Plan on two to three mailings to your fan base,” he wrote.

You can learn more about the Alexander Anderson Trio, listen to their music, buy the trio’s album, or how to book the band, visit AlexanderAndersonMusic.com.

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